Saturday, December 31, 2011

@ZainKuwait 's Competition on Instagram..

Hello There..

Do You Love Instagram..?!

Because @ZainKuwait Are Doing Thier First Competition On Instagram This Weekend..
 All You Need To Win Is:
1.Take Any Picture With Zain Logo, Name Or A Product.
2. Send It By Email To
3.Attach The Picture, And Your Account Name.
4. Zain Will Upload The Photo On @ZainKuwait Account And People Will Like The Picture.
5. The Competition Will Start Today, And Voting Will End Nn Saturday night 11:59 pm
6. Most 5 Liked Pictures Will Get The Zain Camping Bag.

I Know It's A Little Bit Late.. But You Still Have Time People..!

Rollercoaster Vanish Underwater..!!

Hello There..

This Is A Video Of A Rollercoaster That Vanish Underwater.. It's In Yokohama - Japan.. I Know It's Not That Scary Or Long.. But So Loved The Creative Idea..

Check It Out..

Youtube Link: Here

And Another Video From Theme Park Review..

Youtube Link: Here

Why Can't We Have Some Of Those Creative Rollercoasters Here In Kuwait..?!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year's Irresistible Offer From Auction Kuwait's..!

Hello There..

Auction Kuwait Has A Great New Year's Irresistible Offer..

Can You Believe This:
iPhone 4S 64GB - Starting at KD 1
iPad 2 64GB 3G+WiFi - Starting at KD 1


- They Are Two Independent (Separate) Auctions.
- Joining And Bidding Is 100% Free Of Charge.
- You Can Add As Many Bids As You Want.
- The Item Will Be Sold To The Highest Bidder For The Amount He/She Bidded For.

So What Will You Do In New Year's Eve..? Get An iPhone Or iPad Maybe..?!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guess Who Just Turned 1 Year Old..?!

Hello There..

Back In " 25-12-2010 ''.. A Blog Called " BeRo0Q8 '' Was Born.. I Remember How I Was So In Love Reading Blogs And That Made Me Decided To Have One.. And I Finally Did..

 This Past Year Was One Of The Hardest Years I've Been Through For So Many Reasons.. " BeRo0Q8 " Was My Simple Getaway.. A Second World Were I Collide With My Own Thoughts And Own Writings..
I've Always Been Passionate For Writing But Through All These Years And Being Busy With College Made Me Step Away And Almost Forget About It.. But After Becoming A Blogger I Started To Get Back To What I Truely Love And To What I'm Truely Good At..!

And I Can Tell You I Think I'm Truely Blessed.. Cuz Through This Blog I Had The Chance To Get To Know Amazing People Who By Time Became Friends.. Now I'm More Updated With News.. Ideas.. Almost About Everything From My Fellow Bloggers.. And Most Importantly I Learned A Lot About Myself..

And I Also Made Friends With Other People Who Aren't Bloggers.. Really Thanks To All Of Ya.. It's A Bless To Just Have You Around..

BeRo0Q8's First Post Was Published On The Very Next Day And Was Called: '' Embrace Life '' : Here

And Since That Day My Blogging Journey Began.. And I'll Keep On Blogging For As Long As I Can..

Anyway.. I Want To Thank Everyone Who Stood By Me Through This Year.. Thanks To Old Friends And New Ones..

A Big Thank You For All The Readers Who Give Small Comments With Meaningful Space In My Heart.. And Also Thanks For All The Silent Readers.. You All Make My Blog Interesting.. Keep It Up All..
Going Through All Those Old Posts.. Made Me Realize What A Great Journey I Had With My Blog.. Looking Forward Another Great Journey Ahead To Come..

Number Of Posts: 170
Number Of Comments: 659
Total Pageviews: 25,421

Anyway I'll Leave Few Links Of My Favourite Posts.. Enjoy..

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Wow What A Long List.. I Know..

Ooh .. And Merry Christmas For Everyone Celebratimg Today..

And Happy 1st Year Birthday My Dear Blog " BeRo0Q8 '' ..

With All The Love My Heart Can Handle..


P.s: I Had To Delete The Old Post For Some Reason.. And I Wanna Say Thanks For Those Who Comment.. ''
Izdiher , Butterflychick And S3od ..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Belong Here For Now..

Hello There..

Well, I Had This Thought When We Were Driving Back Home.. Specially When I Saw Downtown's Towers In Ohio.. I Realized How Now I Fit In This City.. And Almost Everything Around Me Is More Familiar Than It Was Before..

It Really Wasn't Easy.. After Almost 2 Months I'm Now More Attached To The Place Than I Was Before.. Sure I Felt Homesick And Wanted To Come Back Home To " Kuwait ".. I Still Do.. But I Thank God That Now I Found Comfort Here Just To Help Me Hang On Till I Get Back..

I Know I'm Really Having Mixed Feelings Right Now I Wanna Go Home So Bad.. But Still I Started To Love The Place Here..!! So Messed Up LoL

But I Gotta Say It.. " Ohio Is Part Of Me.. "

I Love Traveling But For Short Periods Only.. But For More Than 2 Months And For Medical Purpose It's Kinda Hard.. Bs Al7mdallah 3ala kel 7al..

Thank God Everything Is Going Well.. Hope It Do For A longer Time :D ..

Anyway My Point Here Is When You Are Facing A New Thing.. New Challenge.. New Anything.. Just Give It Some Time Till You Get Used To It.. Give It Some Time Till You Get It.. Give Yourself Time And You May Just Like It Or Hate It.. Who Knows.. Just Give It Some Time.. And A Chance.. Just Don't Rush Into Things And Dont' Rush Into Conclusions.. The Begining Is Hard But The Fun Is In The Middle..!

Song Of The Day.. Really My Fav.

Hello There..

This Is My New Fav. Song I So Love It.. " Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum "...


Youtube Link : Here

America's Best New Diet " The P.i.n.k Method ''..!!

Hello There..

I Saw This On Dr.Phill Show It's The All New American Diet Called " The P.I.N.K Method ".. Check This Video..

You Can Visit The Thier Site And Order The Diet Which Contains:

3 Phases Workout Cds

Nutrition Guide & Workbook

P.I.N.K. Certificate and Bracelet

There's Also A VIP Experience

You Can Visit Their Website Here And Check It Out.. And Order.. Girls This Maybe The Right Diet For You..!

You Can Visit This Website: Here
Email: Email:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Song Of The Day..

Hello There..

Thought Of Sharing One Of My Fav. Songs.. Enjoy...

( If Iy doesn't Work Click:  Here )

5 Years Old,Job And Marrige..!!

Hello There..

I Found This Video Of Little 5 Years Old Girl Who Want A Job Before Getting Married.. Cute Video Really.. And It's Nice That This Little Girl Knows What She Really Want.. But It's Kinda Scary That A 5 Year Old Think This Way.. Kids Today Really Surprise Us..!!!

( If It Doesn't Work Click : Here )

And I Found This Same Video But In Autotune Remix, I Actually Enjoyed It :D

( If It Doesn't Work Click : Here )

@VoteQ8 Kuwait's Democracy Have Future..!

Hello There..

First Of All I Have No Political Interest What So Ever.. But I'm So Fed Up With The Political Circus That's Going On In Kuwait.. So I Do Believe That Next Time We Vote.. Our Votes Will Effect This Political Instability.. Infact We May Do Better By Choosing Who We Believe Is The Best..

Anyway I Received A Tweet From A Friend To Check A Site..

And I Finally Had The Time To.. And I Really Liked The Idea.. You Can Visit The Site : Here

The Bottom Line @VoteQ8 Is Project By Kuwaiti Youth That Believe In Transparency For Their Country..

The VoteQ8 Platform Provides A Transparent Space For People To Report The Elctoral And Democratic Process In Kuwait:
You Can Send Reports Annoymosuly To The Website Via:
- The Webite Directly ( )
- Send An Short Text Message (SMS) To 94054494
- Tweet With The Hashtag #voteQ8
- Email ( Reports[at] )

Monday, December 12, 2011

Reminder: Guest CAPS On Carnival

Hello People..

Are You Tired Of Your Daily Routine..? Feeling Uninspired..? Is Your Wallet Burning A Whole In Your Pocket, And You Just Have To Spend Your Money On Something Artsy And Different..?

Well The '' CAPS '' On Carnival Is For You..!!

GUST University Is Hosting Its First And Only CAPS On Carnival On The '' 14th & 15th '' Of December And It Would Delight Us That You Attend.. Come Show Your Support For New And Old Talents Alike.. Help Them Believe In Themselves By Showing Your Appreciation.. Who Knows You Just Might Feel Inspired To Be In Their Place..!

The Carnival Will Host An Array Of Talents, Ranging From Photography, Art, Crafts And Many Others.. There Will Be Shows And Competitions Going On Through The Length Of The Carnival.. An Auction Will Also Be Held, Where Pieces Of Art And Photography Will Auctioned Off To The Highest Bidder And All Proceeds Will Go To Dar Elaytam “دار الايتام”..

So What Are You Waiting For..?! Get Your CAPS On..! And Head On To GUST On The 14th & 15th Of December..!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Instagram Photos

Hello There..

I'm So In Love With Instagram App.. And I Make Sure To Take Lots Of Photos To Share.. But Not Any Photos.. I Try To Share What I Think Is A Beautiful Shot.. I Do Really Believe You Don't Need A Fanacy Or Professional Camera To Have A Great Shot.. All You Need Is A Good Eye.. A Great Pose.. And An Amazing Moment To Capture.. The Shot Really Reflect What You Really See.. And What You Want Others To See What You Saw Through Your Own Eyes..

Enough Talking :p And Babbling.. Let Me Share Few Of My Instagram Photos.. Enjoy..

So What Do You Think..?! Those Are Few Of Many Photos.. You Can Follow Me On Instagram Just Search For " BeRo0Q8 ".. Let's Have Fun Sharing :D

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

@Sh9ayir ..?!

Hello There..

@Sh9ayir Is A Monthly Podcast Where The Guys In 4RockNRollers 's Blog Will Talk About Random Topics That Has Happened During The month, From Thier Own Point Of View, And It’s Going To Be An Hour Long Show Full With Fun Segmnts..! [ Source ]

Well That's A New Idea.. Let's Give Them A Shot And See How Will They Blow Our Minds.. Guys I Wish You The Best Of Luck :D mwafgeen yarab..

So For More Details:
The Blog : Here
Follow Them On Twitter : @Sh9ayir
Ask Or Suggest On :  Here