Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pay Attention.. Or Pay The Price..!!

Hello There..

I Know What I'm Going To Write About Isn't New At All.. But I Got This Feeling To Write A Little Bit About It.. It's About " Texting While Driving "...

Well Recently.. I Knew And Heard About People Getting Killed In Car Accidents Cuz They Were Texting Or Using Their Cells..! We All Know How Dangerous It Is.. Cuz Even If You Think You Can Do It.. I Bet You Don't Think How 1 Second Can Make A Huge Difference In You Life..! And Maybe In Other People's Life..!!

Seriously, We All Get Distracted  From Everything Around Us While Texting..Imagine How Distracted You Will Be While Driving..!! Well If It's Okay For You.. And You Just Don't Mind Losing You Own Life.. And Others In The Road.. Well That Just To0 Selfish Of You..

What Really Matters Are The People You Leave Behind.. Think About The Pain Losing You Can Cause.. Think About The Damage You Will Cause In Their Lives.. Do They Need To Suffer More..!!

By Being More Responsible And Drive Without Using Your Cell.. The Life You Save Could Be Not Only Yours..!! And Always Remember " Drive And Text , And you Can Be Next "..! ( Esmallah 3alekom )

Ps: ( It's Just Hard To Lose Someone Like This.. So I hope You Take Care While Driving.. Allah y7af'9kom )..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jaber AlKhair.... Words Can't Say More..!

5 Years Ago On This Same Date " 15-1-2006 ".. Kuwait Lost Shaikh " Jaber Alahmed Aljaber AlSabah ".. ( Ra7mat Allah 3aleh )... A Man People Described By Lots Of Names But Most Known As " Amer AlQolob " And " Jaber AlKhair "...

He Did A Lot To Our Country.. And The People Of Kuwait.. That No One Will Ever Forget Him..!
And I'm Honored To Be Able To Post Something For Him...

I Saw This Vid A long time Ago And I Wanted To Share It With You Guys..

(( ودي أصرح والنوايا شريفة..
و أنا ليا صرحت عارف وخابر..
والنعم بآل سعود وآل خليفة لكن ..
جابرماخلق مثل جابر ... ))

عطا عمره وطن .. غير من الأوطان ..
ولكسور الوطن .. في شوفته جابر ..
لو النسيان .. هذي عادة الانسان ..
هذي خامس سنة..  بفراقه نكابر..
ولو الأيام مرت .. يا قصر دسمان ..
ترانا ماننسى .. شيخنا جابر..!!


اللهم انزل نورا من نورك عليه
 اللهم نور له قبره ووسع مدخله وآنس وحشته
 اللهم ارحم غربته وارحم شيبته
 اللهم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة . لا حفرة من حفر النار
 اللهم أغفر له وارحمه واعف عنه واكرم نزله
 اللهم ابدله دارا خيرا من داره . واهلا خيرا من اهله . وذرية خيرا من ذريته وزوجا خيرا من زوجه وادخله الجنة بغير حساب . برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين
 اللهم انقله من ضيق اللحود ومن مراتع الدود الى جناتك جنات الخلود لا اله الا انت يا حنان يا منان يا بديع السموات والارض تغمد (الشيخ جابر الاحمد الصباح ) برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين

Ps: ( I'm So Honored To Post This For The Memory Of Him.. Allah yer7mek Ya Jaber Alkhair .. )

Friday, January 14, 2011

It Is Not Only A Wish Away..!!

Hi There...

It's Just Amaze Me How People Come Together When Others Are In Need.. Beyond Differences..!
Beyond Circumstances..!

Words Does Effect.. So If By Words We Can Convince, Persuade And Influence Other People To Help.. Then Words Is Our Way In.. There's A lot Of People Rush To Help Every time They Get The Chance To..
Our World Is Not Perfect.. There Are Some Didn't Get The Chance To Live Like We Do Right Now..
That's Why We Thank God For Every Little Thing We Have ( Al7emdallah )..

Yet We Can't Change The Facts.. That Wars And Disasters Does Steal People's Life.. But Worry No More.. Cuz If There Are Some Who Destroy Our World.. There Are Alot Of Peace Makers.. Whether It's By Actions Or Words..

So Thanks For Everyone Who Is Helping Others Just To Make It A Better World.. Thanks To Those Who Gave Their Time and Efforts To Help The Less Fortunate.. Thanks For Those Who Rush To Give A Hand When Needed.. Thanks Those Efforts Does Make A Difference If Not To Us.. It Will To Them..!!

 So.. Our Hope For Peace Is Not Only A Wish Away.. If Only We Reach Deep Inside Our Humanity We Will Find It..

And Here Are Some Of Songs That I Loved .. All About Peace And Helping Others.. And The Feeling It Gives Is Just Amazing.. Hope You Like It...

Actually The Last One.. Inspired Me to Write This Post Cuz I Listened to It Yesterday On My Play-List..

PS:( I Loved Those Songs.. And I Do Believe The Can Make A difference Even By Words..! So Peace.. )

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brand New Beginning..!


Today I Started A Whole New Chapter In My Life.. Happy Yet Nervous.. Full Of Hope Yet Afraid To Get Disappointed..!!
But No Matter What.. I Have Faith That Everything Will Fine.. And I Won't Forget That God Will Always Be There.. And Of Course Family & Friends..

The Last Page Of My Previous Chapter Was Colorful..!! It's Just Amazing When You Feel How Special You Are.. To People Around You.. With Small Little Words And From The Bottom Of The Heart Wishes.. That Can Brighten You Day..!!

Yeah.. Thanks To All Of Those Who Cared Enough To Make Me Smile.. And To Those Who Were Their For Me.. To Support Me.. To Love Me.. And Even To Just Be Beside Me..! I Love You All <3<3

Yet My New Chapter Isn't That Easy.. Well We Are Still At Page One.. But  I Know It Will Be A Long Tough Road.. I'm So Anxious To Advance In My Life.. I So Want To Be Independent.. But Yet I Need To Take One Step At A Time.. No Matter How Long I'll Wait.. It's Gonna Happen ( Inshallah ).. No Matter How Lost I Feel Inside.. I Know I'll Find My Way.. Cuz I Just Don't Want To Let Anyone Down..!

I Know I Want everything to Happen Fast.. But I Should Wait.. And Give It Time.. There's No Need To Rush.. So I'll Just Relax.. And Wait For Everything To Happen When It's Suppose To Happen..

And To Me.. " It's The Happy Ending To A Brand New Beginning..!! "

Ps: ( I Was Happy.. Then Kinda Felt Down.. So I Wrote Those Words To express Something Inside.. And To Keep Reminding Myself.. To Keep On Waiting.. And Dreaming.. For Better Things To Come.. :D )

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amazing ..!!

Helloo Again..!!

I Just Got This Link And I Saw The Video .. It Was Amazing..!!!
To Be Honest I Don't Know Where This Event Took Place Or For What Reasons.. But I REALLY Loved it.. It's Amazing And Creative To0..

Hope You Like It...

PS: ( I Think It Worth To Be Watched ;) )



Today Was A Normal Family Day.. What Surprise Me Is My Mom.. Well I Got Surprise Cuz Mom Still Looks At Me As Her Little Young Girl..!! I Mean Common I'm Old Enough To Be A Responsible Adult In front Of The Low..! And I Can Vote In Elections ( Which doesn't Interest me ;p ).. And I'm Still Little Girl To My Mom..!!!

I Know It's Mom's Nature.. But I Get Confused When I Get Treated As A Big Girl Or Little Girl..!! It Only Depends On The Situation.. Sometimes We Talk And Even We Go Through Serious Conversations.. Other Time We Just Messing Around And Laughing.. Sometimes You Are Old Enough To Do This .. Other Times You Are So Young You Don't Need To Know , Or Do , Or Say That..!!!

It's True I Hadn't That Perfect Mother-Daughter Relationship.. And I Was Always Expressing Myself ( Still Do ;p but in a different way ).. Through Time I'm Getting More Closer To My Mom.. Now Our Relationship Is Much Better Than When I Was A Teenager.. No More Tension No More Misunderstanding.. ( Well sometimes but not like before Al7mdallah)...

I Guess Moms Will Always Be Moms They Know We Are Growing Up.. But They Still Look At Us As Their Little Angels...!!!

PS: ( Something I Wanted To Express Nothing More.. O Allah Y5alech ley Ya Yumma o E5alelkom Omhatkom Yarab :** )

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pass It On...!!


You Know The Saying " An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words " ( Hope I Wrote It Right..?! ) Well I Do Believe In It.. I Know Words Can Be Strong More Powerful.. But So Is The Image.. I Dunno Why This Came Into My Mind... ( Hope It's Related If Not Then It's Okay..!)

Anyway I Was Bored And I Went Through The I Was Looking Through Different Types Of Commercials.. Until I Found A Great Commercials For One Great Cause..!! The Cause Was " For A Better Life "..!!

" THE FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER LIFE "... Made Different Types Of Commercials Helping To Spread Lots Of Values And Actions Such As : ( Respect - Integrity - Appreciation - Good Manners - The Power Of Dreaming - Honesty - Compassion - Helping Others - Believing - Patience - Caring - Sharing And The list goes On & On...) That Can Help Making Our World A Better Place To Live In..!!

Imagine If One Little Action From You Can Change The Whole World..!! ( Yeah I'm Optimistic Can't Help It ;p ).. I Found It So Touching And Inspiring The Idea Of Those Commercials.. And It's All For Changing Yourself From The Inside.. To The Outside.. And Then Help Changing Others.. And Eventually Help Changing The World..!!

I So Admired The Idea.. And The Effort This Foundation Is Doing.. Thumbs Up For Them.. And I Hope They Keep Up The Good Work.. You Can Check Their Site :

And Here's Some Of Their Commercials:

Well I Couldn't Choose Among Them All.. You Can Check Them Out On If You Want.. I Hoped You Liked Them As I Did.. And I Hope You Realize What I Meant By The Good Cause They Are Working On..

Ps: ( I Loved Thier Work.. And By Posting About Them Is My Way To Say Thanks Alot For You Guys )...!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caught Up Inside MeMories..!!

Well.. Nothing To Do..! But To0 Much To Think About..!! ;/

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking... Is Good Yet Sometimes Brings Back Memories.. Actually Great Ones.. But Kinda Felt Down.. Lots Of Memories Not Ready To Fade Yet.. Lots Of Faces Unable To Forget.. Lots Of Situations Couldn't Erase..

Laughs.. Tears.. Happiness And Sadness.. We All Been Through So Much In Our Lives.. Nothing Is New So Far..?! It's Just The Memory Of People Who Stepped In Our lives..And Touched It Somehow.. Remembering Them Hurts Only If They Are Not Around You Now..!

You Keep Wondering.. What Happened..?! Why Aren't They Around..?! Is It Me..?! Or Them..?! Do They Miss Me Just Like I Do..?! Did I Hurt Them..?! Do They Even Remember Me..?!

I Don't Know About You.. But Those Where My Questions To Myself..!! Cuz I Had Fun With Those People... And I Don't Only Miss Those Times.. I Miss Me At That Time.. Cuz I Believe They Affected My Life.. And Affected Us.. I Know I'm So Caught Inside Memories But Who Isn't..?!

So To Those Who've Been In My Life Before.. And Not Around Now.. " I Miss You Guys "..!! You Will Always Be Part Of Me.. Part Of My Life.. Part Of Who I Am..! Thanks For Everything.. Losing You Hurts.. But I'll Give Time Some Time.. To Ease The Pain.. I Wish You All Are Here With Me.. It's Just.. It's Out Of My Hands.. And I Can't Turn Back Time.. I Wish  Our Paths in Life Cross Back Again..! I Won't forget You ..!! </3

And To Those Who Will Step In My Life In The Present Time.. And In The future.. Be Sure You Will Touch My Life.. So Plz Make It A Nice Lovely Touch..! So You Can Leave Me One Or Lots Of Great Memories To Look For When Time Pass.. And So You Can Be Part Of Who I Am Today.. And Who I Will Be Tomorrow..!!

And Here's A Song.. That Does Make Me Remember Those People And Wonder...

PS: ( If It Wasn't For You I would Never Be Who I Am.. ! ;) )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Second Option.. Sucks..!

Welcome New Year...
I Actually Spent The First Day Of The New Year With Family.. I Had Fun.. Joyful Moments..
But Yet.. Second Day... Kinda Not In The Mood.. Feeling So Down...
And This Is What I'll Write About Today.. Second Day, About " Second Option "...

Yeah.. Sometimes.. I Feel So Down When People Keep Me As A Second Option To Their Plans..!!
I Mean Come On Wouldn't Be Nice If You Were The First To Think About When Planning For Something... Instead Of Coming To You when They Ran Out Of Options..

Well To Me It Just Sucks.. And It Make Me Felt So Down.. It Made Me Felt Used.. But When I Had A Second Thoughts About It... I Said To Myself  " Maybe I'm A Second Option.. Cuz I'm Always There For Them.. Or I Never Let Them Down.. Or Cuz I Never Said A No As an Answer.." Well I Sure Know How To Make Myself Feel A Little Better..!!! ;P " Always A Second But Not A First " :p lool

But From Now On.. I Just Won't Accept Being Used That Way.. Cuz It Really Hurts.. Well I'm not Saying Being 2nd Is Bad... I Dunno About You But.. It Sucks..!!!

PS: ( Well Kinda A Personal Blog :p And Wrote What I Felt..Dunno About Ya Guys...! )