Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Never Realized That..?!!!

Hello There..

Lot Of Thoughts Crossing My Mind Lately.. And This Is One Of Them.. I Think I Learned A Lot Of Things During This Past Year.. Pretty Much About Everything.. And Specially About Myself..!

I Learned How Spoiled Brat I Can Be.. Seriously.. No I Don't Come From A Big Rich Family.. And No I Don't Have Everything I Want.. And No I'm Not Self-centered.. But Since I Came To The States.. I Realized How My Life Was Easy In Kuwait.. Waaaay Easier Than What It's Right Now..!!

I Had Everything I Need.. Plus I Never Had To Do Many Stuff That Named Simple But To Be Honest They Are Not.. Ok I Think I'm Exaggerate.. Well To Be Honest.. Cooking.. Dishes.. Laundry Are Always Hard For A Starter.. But As Days Move On And A Lot Of Practising It Gets Easy.. And Yeah I Don't Do Those Stuff Back Home.. Well Rarely.. But I Learned Thanks To Mom And Some Great Friends :D..

But Lets Overlook All What I Just Wrote.. And Look At A Completely Different Angle.. Let's Focus On HEALTH..!!

Health Is The True Bless Anyone Can Have.. I Spend Most Of My Time In The Hospital And I See Lots Of People With Different Diseases.. And There's Not So Many Things They Have In Common.. But They All Know A Lot About Pain & Patience..!

So Don't Realize This Later In Your Life.. If You Are Healthy Then You Have It All.. And Say Al7mdallah.. Because: '' The First Wealth Is Health " ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And To Everyone Who's Suffering.. I Wish You All Get Well Soom.. Ma2joren Inshallah..
3asa Allah Yshafi Mar'9a Almoslmen.. O yalhomhom al9aber..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home I Miss You..!

Hello There..

I Miss Everything In A Place I Call Home.. I Miss Kuwait.. I Miss My Family.. I Miss My Friends.. I Miss My House.. I Miss My Room.. I Miss My Bed & Even My Pillow.. I Pretty Much Miss My Everything..!

I Do Really Miss Where I Truly Belong.. I Miss My Life.. It's True Not Perfect.. But I Still Want My Old Life Back..

Yeah Yeah I Still Talk To My Family & Friends.. It's Just Not The Same.. I Realize Now I Need Them And Want Them Closer To Me..

Every Time I See A Plane.. I Wish That It's The One Taking Me Home..

This Big Change Was Good.. Now I Really Appreciate Lots Of Things That I Have.. I Learned A Lot About Myself.. And Most Importantly I Now Appreciate Who I Am.. Who I Used To Be.. And Who I'll Be In A Lot Better As I Hope..

But I Still Wanna Go Home.. There's No Place Like Home.. Where You Can Be Truly Who You Are..

I Miss Everyone.. And Everything Back In Kuwait.. Hope I Get Back Soon..  " Allaah y3ez Alkuwait " ..

P.s: '' Home Is Where You Can Truly Be Who You Are.. And Away The True You Shines Through..!! "

Thoughts By Me..

C.A.P.S On Carnival at GUST

Hello People..

It's Time To Unleash Your Creativity, It's Time To Put Your Caps On
Photography, Painting, Drawing, Crafting, Designing, Knitting Or Even Cooking..

This Is The Carnival Where You Reveal It All
The C.A.P.S oN Carnival at GUST
Click - Art - Perform - Sing
On The '' 14th -15th '' Of December
BooK uR Booth Now..!!

For More Information Contact Them In The Following Mobile : 99031124 / 97313861Bbm : 21A9B317

DoN'T Miss Out oN a Once In A Lifetime Event..!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Song Of The Day..

Hello There..

This Is How I Feel Now.. I So Miss And Need My Family & Friends..

If The Video Doesn't Work Click: Here

Friday, November 18, 2011

What A Smile Can Do..

Hello There..

Read The Next Line..

" It's Amazing What You Can Hide.. Just By Putting On A Smile..! "

Those Words Are Unbelievably True.. No Matter What You Feel From Within.. No Matter What You've Been Through.. And No Matter How Much Sorrows & Pain You Hold In.. You Can Always Hide All That By Just One Smile..

Since I Came To Ohio Every Day I See Smiles All Around Me.. People Here Are So Friendly & Extra Nice.. Imagine A Society Like This Where One Smile Is Contagious That Makes You Keep On Smiling To Everyone Even People You Don't Know.. And This Is One Of The Reasons I Don't Feel Stranger Here At All..

Even Patients Wear A Smile That Shines Through Their Pains.. How Come YOU Don't Smile..?!!

I Just Wish People In Kuwait Smile More.. Cuz Sometimes I Smile And No One Smiles Back Just Ye5zoon..!! Seriously I Don't Want Anything By Smiling To You.. A Smile Back Would Be Nice Of You..

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: " تبسمك في وجه اخيك لك صدقة .... " ألى آخر الحديث أخرجه البخاري

P.s: ( Maybe We Can Hide Pain By A Smile.. Yet We Can't Hide Happiness Cuz It Always Shines From Our Eyes..! )

Just Keep On Smiling.. !!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funny After Halloween Prank..!!

Hello There..

I Saw This Video In My Friend " @KanshaQ8 '' 's Blog.. It's Funny.. Check The Post: Here 

Check It Out..

And This Is The Original Video Of The Funny Last Two Kids They Really Made Me Laugh.. So Cute..

You Can Check @KanshaQ8's Interesting Blog: Here

A Surprise For Bloggers By @FriedJunk..!!

Hello There..

I Remember Few Days Ago When @Fried_Junk Asked His Fellow Bloggers ( Including Me ) To Email Him Their Blog's Logo.. I Really Wondered Why.. But Today I Found Out Why..

He Interviewed The Owner Of " @soCopyrights "... You Can Read All About It: Here 

And You Can Check For SoCopyRights Samples: Here

Wish Her The Best Of Luck..

Anyway Back To The Bloggers Surprise That @Fried_Junk Was Holding Was This:

So If You Are One Of The Bloggers Who Sent Junky Their Logo.. Click Here And Just Zoom In And Look For Your Logo..!! This So Cool And Sweet.. Thanks A Lot Dear Friend Junky.. So Thoughtful Of You..

If You Wanna Check @Fried_Junk 's Blog You Can Click: Here

Friday, November 11, 2011

'' 11-11-11 '' How Special Can It Be..?

Hello There..

Today Is Friday " 11-11-11 ''.. What A Match ..!!

It's Nice I Know.. And Has A Special Something Not Really Sure What It Is.. It's Just One Number Matched In A Day, Month, And A Year All Together At The Same Date..!

I Just Don't Understand All The Big Fuss Is All About.. Some People Will Get Married In This Day.. Mothers Will Try To Deliver Their Babies in This Day.. Lots Of Movies Will Be Released In This Day.. People Are Waiting For Something Special At This Day.. And The List Goes On And On.. Lots Of Things People Are Planning To Happen At This Date Which Make It Less Special Really..

Stop Planning And Waiting For A Special Date.. And Live Your Days They're All Special In Their Own Way.. And Trust Me Unplanned Things Have A Great Taste And Hold A Meaningful Memories When Happend..

Anyway I Do Love Number 11 So Kinda Ok With Today's Date :p..

Wish You All Happy Great Matched And Unmatched Dates.. Just Look Forward The Day Not It's Date..!

Little Thoughts By Me..

Through Bad Times..

Hello Again..

Have You Ever Thought About The Bad Times You've Been Through Before.. And How When It Happened You Felt Like Nothing Ever Could Get Worse Than This.. And It Just Won't Get Any Better..?!!

Think About It.. Think About How You Really Felt Back Then.. And Think About It Now.. What Is It Like..? How Do You Feel About It..?

Back Then You Were Down, Depressed And Couldn't Do Anything About It.. It Sure Took You Time To Get Used To It.. And A Lot Courage To Get It Through.. So Look At Yourself Now.. What Do You See..?

I'll Tell You What I See.. I See A Survivor..!! Yes You Sometimes Get Down.. But You Will Alwayss Get Up..

And Always Always Remember: " Things Get worse Before They Get Better..! ''

Al7mdallah 3ala Kel 7al..

Little Thoughts By Me..

From Ohio With Love..

Hello There..

It's Been More Than A Week Now Since I Came To Ohio Cleveland, Still Didn't Checked The Place.. I'm Kinda Spending More Time In Hospital But Inshallah I Will... But For Now Those Some Pictures Of What I Got So Far :D..


We Spend The First Night In Ohio In This Hotel.. Really A Great Place.. ( Had Pics Of The Room Put Couldn't Put Them Maybe Other Post.. )

Then We Moved To Our New Place For A While Till We Settle Down.. And It Called " Guest House " Not That Far From The Hospital..

The View From Our Room..

And The Upcoming Pictures Are When We Decided To Walk Around..

I Love Orange Autumn <3

The Hospital Main Enterance..

The Hos[ital Is Ver Big.. And Contains Many Buildings Some Linked With Skyway.. And They Also Provide Buses That Take You To The Building You Need To Go..

This Is A Hotel Didn't Got In :P

This Sign Is Almost Everywhere :D We Need Some Here In Kuwait..!!

Morning View From The " Guest House "

Hope You Enjoyed.. Sorry For The Pics Quality.. Anyway You Can Follow Me On Instgram Search For " BeRo0Q8 '' And Enjoy More Great Pic.. And I Promise More Great..

M1ONE Where Your T-Shirt Is Unique..!!

Hello There....

 " The Idea Of Making A T-shirt That Is New In Every Aspect Has Started In 2002. It's Not Just An Ordinary T-Shirt, Rather It Is An Artistic Painting That You Enjoy Seeing It Many Times And Explore The Accuracy Of Details , Colours And High Quality..
Once You Dress It You Feel Joy And Fresh And You Feel That You Are Distinguished And Elegant..
Their Objective Is To Provide High Quality Products Of Accurate Designs With New 3D Touch From Kuwait To Worldwide. All These Features Have Been Compiled In " M1one " Mark That Is Introduced To You In 2011 Can You BELIEVE It..?! ''


You Can Visit Their Website : Here
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Justin Bieber Have A Baby..!!

Hello There..

Many Rumors Have Been Circulating Recently About The Worldwide Pop Star Justin Bieber, Not Least The One Claiming He Got A Girl Pregnant. There Is No Reliable Evidence Whatsoever To Support This Rumor And It Is Incredibly Unlikely To Be True..!!

New Allegations Recently Came To Light (November 1st), That 20 Year Old  '' Mariah Yeater '' Is Reportedly Filing A Lawsuit In which She Claims Bieber Had Sex With Her Backstage At A Los Angeles Concert Last Year..!! [Source]

And Here's A Video Of JB Addressing The Rumer..

And JB Will Take DNA Test Over Paternity Claims .. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eidkom Mubarak !

Hello Dear Readers..

This Is The Second Eid I Share With You Here In My Blog..

Though It's My First Time To Spend Eid Away From My Family & Friends.. Away From Home.. Away From Kuwait..

And I'm Gonna Miss Everything About Eid.. The Fuss.. Shopping Rush.. Family Gatherings.. Al3ayadii :P hehe.. Everything Really..

But It's Ok.. You All Been Missed.. And I'm Sure You Miss Me As Well ( Shtabenh ..?!! :P )..

So Guys Just Enjoy The Day.. God Bless You All..

And So..

Eid Mubarak All..

عــيدكم مــبارك و عســاكم من عــواده..
وللحجاج حج مبرور وسعي مشكور وتكمل الفرحه بردتكم الديرة..

@V_Butterflies Salon

Hello There...

Velvet Butterflie​s
( home service salon & spa )

Feel Special & Beautiful At Home By Velvet Butterflies Salon & Spa


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 ' Mini-Velvet ' Manicure & Pedicure

 Relaxing Massage
 Slimming Massage
 Morrocan Bath


Tel # : 65868080
Or You Can Follow Them On Twitter For Their Latest Offers & Beauty Tips : @V_Butterflies