Friday, November 11, 2011

From Ohio With Love..

Hello There..

It's Been More Than A Week Now Since I Came To Ohio Cleveland, Still Didn't Checked The Place.. I'm Kinda Spending More Time In Hospital But Inshallah I Will... But For Now Those Some Pictures Of What I Got So Far :D..


We Spend The First Night In Ohio In This Hotel.. Really A Great Place.. ( Had Pics Of The Room Put Couldn't Put Them Maybe Other Post.. )

Then We Moved To Our New Place For A While Till We Settle Down.. And It Called " Guest House " Not That Far From The Hospital..

The View From Our Room..

And The Upcoming Pictures Are When We Decided To Walk Around..

I Love Orange Autumn <3

The Hospital Main Enterance..

The Hos[ital Is Ver Big.. And Contains Many Buildings Some Linked With Skyway.. And They Also Provide Buses That Take You To The Building You Need To Go..

This Is A Hotel Didn't Got In :P

This Sign Is Almost Everywhere :D We Need Some Here In Kuwait..!!

Morning View From The " Guest House "

Hope You Enjoyed.. Sorry For The Pics Quality.. Anyway You Can Follow Me On Instgram Search For " BeRo0Q8 '' And Enjoy More Great Pic.. And I Promise More Great..


  1. If you're in Cleveland Ohio then it means someone is facing heart surgery or a heart consult and if that's true then I wish that everything is fine and you guys are healthy.

    On a different note I remember I was there in 2008 with my dad for his heart bypass and it was under construction and now its all built and perfect. We stayed however in the Intercontinental hotel and not in the Guesthouse.

  2. Jacqui: Well My Sis Has A Kidney Failure And We Are Here For Few Checkups.. And Yeah The Place All Build Up And All Units Are Connected By Skyways Very Cool Idea..

    We Stayed At The Intercontinental for the first night then guest house but now we are setteld down in the reserve square

  3. Enshallah everything will turn up fine ^_^

    Loved the pics .. amazing view ;)

  4. Hadi: Inshallaah yarab :D
    so glad you liked them :D

  5. Salamat your sis o enshalla etgoom bl salama :)

  6. allah ysalmch 7abebti :**
    thanks wallah mag9rtaai