Sunday, July 31, 2011

Behind The Big Question " What If ...?! ''

Hello There..

There Comes A Time In Your Life You Start Wondering About Something.. Could Be Something Had Happend.. Or Didn't..  Or Yet It's About To Happen..

So What's Lies Behind The Big Question: " What If.....?! "

I'll Tell You.. Lies Infinite Possibilities.. Of What Your Life Could've Been.. Be.. And Will Be.. And Sometimes This May Help If You Are Dealing With Today.. And Planning For Tomorrow.. But How Help Could It Give If What Are You Wondering About Is A Past That No Longer Can Be Lived Again..?!

So.. When You Are Taking That " What If ..?! " Road.. Take That Long Side Road Where It Takes You To Another Wondering.. " If What I'm Wondering About Did Happen.. Would I Be The Person I Am Today..?!"
" Would I Accomplish This..?" " ......

Yeah We Make Lot Of Choices Everyday.. And Each Choice Has A Result.. Look Deep For What You Have Chose.. And What You Have Become.. I'm Sure There's Something Bigger Hide Behind That Choice..

Think Of What You Have Today.. It May Still Be With You Tomorrow.. But What's Gone Had Gone.. Just Let It Go And Don't Wonder Why.. But Wonder What's Best Came Out Of It...

P.s: " You Will Always Be My Biggest What If..?! But How Big This Question Can Be If  It's About Something Life May Not Bring Back..?! "

Here's A Little Lovely Song.. Just knew That Kate Winslet Sing..!!! Amazing Voice My Fav. Song already :P .. Enjoy..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quran Schedules.. May Help You..!

Hello There..

If You Want To Start Readin Quran During Ramadan.. You Need To Start Putting A Schedule And Stick To It.. I Found This Pictures And Thought Of Sharing.. And Of Course It's Optional.. You Can Choose Whatever Suits You.. Or Make Your Own.. So If You Want To Do It.. This May Help..

Good Luck Everyone :D 

This Kid Is Amazing..!!

Hello There..

I Was Checking Blogs And I Saw This Video On : Q8Simple 's Blog.. It Amazes Me How This Kid Was So Kind And Generous To Do This.. I'll Stop Writing And Leave You Watch This:


Well I Should Say Young Man Instead Of A Kid :D .. This Make Me Feel That There Still Goodness Out There.. Thanks To Q8Simple And You Can Check The Post Here: Kid's Act Generosity

Ramadan Is Knocking On The Doors..

Hello Everyone..

We Are Only One Day Away From The Holy Month RAMADAN To Start.. Just Wanted To Say : Kel 3am o Entaw Ebkhair o 3asa Allah Ybal'3kom 9yamah o 8yamah .. And Best Wishes To All Of You Guys..

So It's A New Beginning.. So Forgive Everyone And Start  Asking Forgiviness From Others.. Take Care Of Yourselves And Of Others.. Don't Eat To0 Much :P You Don't Wanna Gain More Weight..! :p

And Most Of All.. What You Learn To Do In Ramadan Or What You Start Doing In Ramadan Make Sure It Doesn't Go Away In Other Months.. It's A Good Way To Start Something And Keep Doing It For As Long As You Can..

As For Me Beside Lots Of Things I Want To Start.. I May Start Learning To Cook.. Well Don't Get To0 Excited.. I'll Learn Few Easy Stuff From Mom.. And I'll Post About It Inshallah :D And Ofcourse I Will Manage Sometime For Reading As I'm In A Reading Challenge ..! .. I Still Didn't Choose Another Book Beside Quran And " Red Moon Rising ".. Cuz I'll Be Focusing Also On Writing My Novel To0.. I'll Keep You Updated :D

So At Last.. Kel 3am O Entaw Ebkhair :D
O 3asakom Mn 3wadah :D

Me Dealing with disappointment..!

Hi There..

I'm So Disappointed Today.. Not Gonna Go Through Details.. Just Wanna Let It Out Of My System ( Feni 7achwa ;p )... We Feel Disappointed When Our Expectations Get So High.. That We Or Others Can't Reach Them..!

I Think It's Ok To0 Keep Ur Expectations High.. You Not Only Want The Best For You From Others.. Also What's Best For Others From You..! So In This Way It's Fair Enough....

But What Happens When We Don't Stay Close To Those Expectations.. We Feel Disappointed.. ( I'm Gonna Say This Word Forever :p ) And When Others Don't Be Or Do What We Expected It's A Double Double Disaapintment..!

So No I'm Not Gonna Tell You To Lower You Expectation Cuz To Be Honest I Wont..!! But Just Keep That Faith In Yourself And In Others.. ThatYou And Them Can Be And Do The Best.. And When You Or Them Fail To Be The Best.. There's Always A Chance To Be Better.. And When You Or Them Fail To Be Better.. Being Good Is Good Enough..!!

So Yeah.. If You Couldn't Reach That Higher Line You Put To Yourelf.. Always Keep In Mind That You Put That Line Out Of Your Reach.. There's No Harm Lowering It Down A Little Bit.. Cuz Once You Reach It You'll Aim For Another Higher Line.. Just Like Baby Steps All The Way Up..! And It Works For Others To0..!!

I'm Writing Those Words Only Cuz I'm The Kinda Person Who Always looks At The Bright Side.. And Believe In Others  And I Need To Remind Myself.. That's Ok To Be Disappointed.. At Least It Makes You Know What you Really Want.. And How you Gonna Do It Best For The Next time..

(Ps: After Writing Those Words.. I'm No Longer Disappointed.. Cool Huh..?! :p )

Friday, July 29, 2011

Burning Car Infront Kuwait Towers..!

Hello Everyone..

Today We Went Out For A Family Night Out.. And As Soon As We Were At The Parking Beside Kuwait Towers I Noticed How People We Focusing On One Direction And It Was A Chaos, At First I Thought It Was A Fight.. But Then I Saw A Car On Fire..!

There Was A Car Accident And One Of The Cars Started To Brun, Dunno How Many Cars Were Involved Or How Injuries But Thank God No One Was In That Burning Car.. Well It's A Good Thing That There Were People Around To Help The Drivers And Call Emergency Lines.. But The Number Of People Was So Huge They Were More Curious To Look At The Accident.. And To Be Honest It Was Dangerous Cuz That Car Was Burning Fast It Could've Explode ( Thank Go It Didn't ).. And There Were Kids All Around..

Yeah I Was Curious To0 But I Was Kinda Far Away From The Accident.. Hope No One Got Hurt..
And Please People Becareful While Driving.. Take Care Of Yourselves So You Can Take Care Of Others..
And sorry For The Pictures Quality They Were From My Mobile..

@Q8Blend 's Challenge..!


To Be Honest I Should've Post This Few Days Ago.. But Lazy Me.. Anyway I'm Not The Kinda Person Who Read.. So There's No Way You Would See Me Go To A Bookstore And Look For Or Buy Books.. It All Started This Year.. I Read Some Of My Sister's Novels ( She Loves To Read ).. The Point Is When I Read About My Friends @Q8Blend 's Challenge I Was So Glad To See A Lot Of People Do Still Read..!

The Idea Of The Challenge Is To Pick A Book Or More To Read During The Holy Month.. Check It Here:

As For Me.. I'm Focusing A Lot On Writing But I'm Still Looking For Novels And Books To Read.. I Need To Do It Fast.. But As For Now I Have One Novel I Didn't Finish Yet.. Would Be Nice If I Did :D

The Novel Is : Red Moon Rising

So Do I Think I Can Do It..? Inshallah Why Not.. And Do You Think You Can Do It..?! Well You Can Just Start Planning And Don't Waste More Time..!!!

Kel 3am o Entaw Eb5air.. :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dream Big.. Expect Less..!

Hello Everyone..

We Wake Up Everyday Hoping That This Day Is Better Than The Day Before.. We Wake Up Everyday Hoping That This Day Is The Day We Make One Of Our Dreams Come True..

Hope And Faith Are Two Of Many Factors In Life That Keeps Us Move On No Matter How Hard Life Gets.. But To Be Honest.. Both Of Them Need Another Factor Which Is " Patience "..

As Humans We Have Needs And Wants.. And We Want To Satisfy Them As Soon As Possible.. We Just Can't Wait.. No Matter What Your Dream Is.. Or How Big It Can Get.. Give It Some Time.. If It Meant To Happen It's Gonna Happen..

Don't Rush Into Everything..  Don't Be down Just Because You Didn't Get What You Want.. Or Because Things Didn't Go The Way You Planned Or The Way You Expected.. Cuz We Never Know What's Gonna Happen.. Or What We Gonna Get..

And Don't Look At Others.. Or Thier Dreams.. You Will Get Your Own Dream.. Your Own Happiness.. Just Wait For It.. And If For One Moment You Lost Faith In Yourself, Your Dream And From Your Life.. Think Of The Less Fortunate.. Think Of Others Who Couldn't Have What You Have.. This Way You'll Appreciate What You Already Have..

People Look At Other People's Lives Forgetting That They Are Others To Other People..! So Keep On Dreaming.. Plan For Your Life.. Just Make Sure That You Have A Backup Plan Just Incase Life Took You To Another Road.. Just Be Prepared To Face The Unexpected.. And Get Ready For The Next Hit Whether It's Good Or Bad..!

P.s: ( Be Ready For Everything But Always Dream Big And Expect Less..! )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Song Of The Day... " You Won't Ever Be Lonely "..


To Those Who Feel Lonely Today Or Having A Bad Day.. This Song Might Cheer You Up :D

P.s : ( Cheer Up People :D  !! )

Me @Bloggersgather ..

Hello Everyone..

Today I Went To The Regency Hotel To Complete My Registration To This Wonderful Community " Bloggersgathering " , That Will Bring A Lot Of Bloggers Together.. So We Can Meet And Learn From Each Other.. I Loved The Idea..That's Why I Encouraged Myself To Be Part Of It..

And When I Was There About 11 am .. It Was Kinda Quiet.. But I Really Loved How Friendly The Organizers Were.. They Really Helped To Complete My Application Form.. And Gave Me A Brief Summary About The Bloggers Gathering Idea.. And The Upcoming Event Which Will Be On 8th-Aug-2011 ( Inshallah ).. I would Really Give You A Much Credit With Your Names Guys.. But Sorry Didn't Get The Chance To Introduce Myself And to Know Your Names.. Looking Forward To Meet You Inshallah Next Event..

And I Managed To Register For My Friend : @EdgeiMaGiNaTion ( The Owner Of The New Blog : MaskTales  Since He Is Not In The Country..

So If You Are A Blogger And Want To Join.. You Can Visit Them Today As It's The Last Day To Officially Register :
At The Regency Hotel ( Seham Ballroom )
Time: 4pm-7pm
Date 26 July 2011

And Follow Them On Twitter: @Bloggersgather

It's The Last Day.. Don't Miss It :D Really Looking Forward To Attend The Event And Meet All My Fellow Bloggers.. It Really Would Be An Honor..  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Really Not Me..!


I'm Sorry For Being Away From My Blog And You Guys.. I Was So Busy.. But Today I Decided To Write Something.. Hope This Can Make It Up To You :D

Have You Ever Heard The Phrase : " It's Me I Didn't Change..!".. Well To Be Honest I Don't Believe In That.. Every Day Is A Challenge To Us.. Every Day We Learn New Things.. We Experience Stuff.. We Feel Differently From The Day Before.. Every Day Is A New Me..!

Let's Take An Empty Space And Build A House As An Example.. And Every Day Take A Picture Of The Building Progress.. You Will See Changes Takes You From The Scratch To The Very End.. Where The Beginning Differs From The Ending..! Or Let's Say You Had A Cut In Your Hand Today.. Then You Are The Same You But With A Cut In Your Hand.. So It's A New You..

So How About A Human Being.. A Person Who Face Changes Within Not A Day Or Hours Or Minutes But Within Seconds..! Within Seconds You Gain Or Lose.. You Live Or Die.. You Laugh Or Cry.. Within Seconds You Change A Little Bit Than What You Were Before.. You Become Or May Become Wiser Or More Stupid Who Knows.. What I Do Know Is Who I Was Before Is Not Me Anymore..!

Yes It's Still Me.. The Old Me.. But Improved One Or Unimproved And That Depends On You..! Yeah I'm Sure If You Go 6 Years Ago.. I Will Be That Naive Little Girl Who Thinks The World Is So Easy ToLive In.. And Now I'm A Young Woman.. Who Is Struggling To Fit In..

The Old Me Is Part Of Me.. But Is Not The Whole Me Today.. The Whole Me Is Part Of Who I Will Become.. But It's Not All Who Will I Become.. So Between Now And Then We Don't Change Only By How We Look.. We Change A Lot More In How We Think.. And What We Belive In.. And What We Experience.. Which Influence Our Personalities And Attitudes.. And This Process Go On..

So Don't Say " It's Still Me I Didn't Change A Bit.." Cuz You Might Be Talking To Someone Who Think The Same Way As I Do.. And You May Disagree.. But That's How I Think So I Hope You Respect My Thoughts So I Can Respect Yours.. :D

P.s: ( Yes I Used to Be Someone.. And Now I'm Someone Different.. And I Don't Know Who Will I Be In My Future.. Only Depends On How I Face Life.. And On My Choices..! )

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light A Candle..!

Hello World..!

Today's Title Was Inspired By Today's Free Of Electricity Day.. Since For Unknown Reasons The Power Went Off This Afternoon.. But It Didn't Take Long Till It Came Back..

To Be Honest It Was So Frustrating When That Happened At First We didn't Know If It Was Only Our House Or The Whole Neighbourhood.. I Kept Complaining About It.. Cuz It Was Hot.. But I Sat In My Room And My Sisters Came In.. And We Started Talking.. And Laughing.. Teasing Each Other.. Which Is Something We Always Do..But Not That Much Cuz Everyone Is Kinda Busy In Thier Own World..

But The I Realized The House Was So Quiet..! I Hear Nothing But Our Laughes.. Our Voices.. Our Own Presence.. Which Is Somthing I Couldn't Hear That Clearly If Electricity Was alive In Our House..!

Despite The Heat.. It Was Kinda Fun.. And Electricity Came Along After A Short Time.. Yeah Yeah I May Say You Should Try It Some Day.. Well To Be Honest DON'T..!! ( Only If You Had To..! :p )

The Ugly Part Came When The Electricity Went Down Again At 8pm As Far As I Remember.. And It Didn't Come Back Until 2 Am.. Imagine Real Darkness.. And Heat..We Had to Light Candles All Over Our Living Room And Sit Together.. And It Wasn't Only Our House.. Also Few Houses Around Us.. And Yes We Spend Some Quality Time With Mom And Dad.. And  We Also Brought Back Some Of Our Memories..

But That Fun Part Was Only At The First Two Hours.. Then We Couldn't Be That Much Patient..! And We Call Electricity Emergency They Told Us Some Of The Generators Went Down And They Are Fixing It.. Well I Hate That This Happend But Thank God.. And Thank Those People Who Work All This Time To Fix It..

Well .. " I Realized That No Matter How Our Lives Keep Changing Fast.. We May Face Some Interruptions.. And Some Interruptions Won't Hurt..! "

And I also Realized: " Even In The Toughest Darkest Times.. Having A Family Around Can Always Light Up You Life..! " ( al7mdallah )..


P.s: ( When You Think You Life Can't Get Any Worse.. Trust Me It Can..! )

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Old Days Movies..!

Hello Again..

To Be Honest With You.. I Did Study English Since First Grade.. But I Learned English Mostly From Movies And Songs..

So Yesterday I Remembered Few Movies I Used To Watch When I Was A Kid.. Maybe At The 90's.. Really Miss Those Old Days..

Checked Those Trailers On Youtube.. And Thought Of Sharing.. Enjoy..

Well Those Few Of Which I Can Remember :D Enjoy.. Ooh And You Can Share With Me Your Good Old Days Movies..

Skyscraper By Demi Lovato..

Hello ..

My Little Sis The Other Day Made Me Listen To Demi's New Song " Skyscraper " .. I Loved It.. I Guess The Video Is Out.. But I Found This Vid On Youtube Today.. Enjoy :D
My Sis Is A Big Fan Of Her.. And So I am.. I Love Her Songs..<33

This Is The Whole Song..

A Very Late Goodbye ...


A Story Of Two Lovers.. Couldn't Say Goodbye To Each Other.. And Had To Travel At The Same Day.. But Withing Different Time.. ( Inspired When I Was In The Airport )...

She Walked In The Airport.. And Stood There.. Looking Around Her.. Took A Deep Breath.. Like She Wants To Recognize His Smell Among The Air She Just Inhaled.. Thinking....

" Here It's..
I'm At The Same Spot You Where Before..
Despite The Time Difference..
We Would Be At This Same Spot Together..
We Would've Seen The Same Scenes..
We Would've Breathed The Same Air..
It's Like We Would Be Together..
Together In Everything..!

Let Time Go..
Leave It All Behind..
And Just Feel The Freedom..
Feel Nothing But Us..
Now, Nothing Will Hold Us Apart..!

But It's A Different Hour..
Different Minute..
We Are Only Combined By Our Emotions..
6 Hours Before Me You Were Here..
6 Hours After You I Became..
Despite The Time Difference..
We Would've Been Together..
At The Very End..
It's You And I Against Time..!

Will Our Destiny's Collide..?
Will Our Paths Crossed Back Agains..?
Will We Ever Be Together..?!
I Wish I Told You Goodbye.. But I Couldn't..
And Now I Hope To See You Again When Our Times Match..
To Complete Our Goodbyes..
And Then We Can Complete Our Story..! "

A Short Story By Me..

P.s: ( No Time Difference Will Take Us Apart..! )

Monday, July 11, 2011

Song Of The Day..


I Started Writing A Novel.. And This Song Has Stuck In My Mind.. Since It Express Most Of The Feelings In My Novel.. And I Totally Love This Song..

Hope You Like It.. Enjoy..

Red Moon Rising..!

Hello Back Again :D

Remember The Last Lunar Eclipse We Faced.. Well The Moon Got Red.. And I Remember How Most Of Movies Relates The Red Moon With Werewolves Something Like That.. I Tried To Search About It.. But While I Was Searching I Faced A Tittle " Red Moon Rising " .. I Thought It Was A Show Or A Movie.. But It Turned Out To Be A Book Or Let's Say A Novel By: Peter Moore..

I'm Not A Vampire Or Werewolves Fan But The Name Of The Book Stuck In My Head.. And Since My Little Sister Love To Read She Went In Every Book Store In Dubai To Search For Novels.. And When We Went To BORDERS Book Store.. I Checked The Best Sellers Books Section And There I Found This Fimiliar Book.. So I Said Why Not I'll Give It ATry And Read It Something New To Me :P.. Hope I Like It.. !

Here's A Video Of The Auther Talking About It:

Fix It While You Still Can..!

Hello Everyone..

When I Was In Dubai.. We Were Waiting For A Taxi.. And As Always I Was Holding My Necklace Playing With It Gently ( Just A Habit I Have )..

And Just Out Of Sudden It Got Broken.. Well Not Than Broken Just Lost Thing That Holds The Chain And The Little Rock.. I Got Sad A Little Bit Cuz I Really Love That Necklace..

But I Thought " Well It's Better That It Got Broken Within My Hands.. Cuz Now I Can Fix It..! ".. So It's Always A Good Thing When You Realize That You Are Losing Something.. Cuz You May Have A Chance To Fix It, Catch It Back.. Or Hold On To It As Much As You Can..!

And That's Much More Better Than Realizing What You Lost And It's just To0 Late To Do Somthing About It.. Then You Lose That Thing Forever Without Trying..!

And By The Way.. I Fixed My Necklace In The Dragon Mart In Dubai.. Thanks to The Guy Who Works In A Pearls Necklaces  & Accessories Shop.. He Fixed It For Free Though My Dad Offered To Pay For It.. How Sweet.. Really Thanks To You I Got My Favorite Necklace Back :$ ..

P.s ( I May Lost Lots Of Things Before But This Doesn't Mean I Never Tried..! )

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye Dubai...

Hello Everyone..
Sorry Couldn't Be Able To Post For Almost A Week.. Maybe More.. But For All Who Read My Blog And Who Know Me.. You Know I Was In A Trip To Dubai With Dad And Little sis..

Since My Dad Had A Course There ( Dawra ) And He Wanted Us To Be With Him.. You Know To Have Fun And Be Abroad For A Change :D ( Al9ra7a '3ayrna Jaw Al7mdallah ).. And The Trip Was For Only 5 Days.. But We Had So Much Fun.. Though I Feel I Still Didn't Figure Out The Real Dubai.. And There's Lot Of Places We Didn't Yet Visit.. But Then Again We Had Fun With The Little Time We Had Together ( al7mdallah )...

I Won't Review Our Hotel Cuz I Wouldn't Give It A Fair One.. But All I Can Say Is The Service Was Great.. The Staff Were Amazing.. And Really Loved It There.. Here's The living Room & Bedroom.. And It's A Little Bigger Than What You See With Two Bathrooms :D

Well Since I Haven't Been To Dubai For Along Time.. Lots Of People Recomended A Shopping Places.. We Went To Dubai Mall.. Mall Of The Emirates ( If I'm Not Mistaken With The Name, mall alemarat :P ).. City Cener.. The Dragon Mart..  And Lot Of Other Places.. So Basically Our Trip Was All About Walking.. Shopping.. Walking.. Shopping.. More Walking More Shoppping :P..!! But Who Can Blame Us Sales Where Everywher !! AndYeah Every Girl's Dream To Shop Forever.. ( Thanks Dad For Putting up With Us :p) I Know This Doesn't Cover All Dubai.. I Totally Wanted To Visit Other Places But Time Was Very Short..!

When I Checked The Camera All Of Our Photos Where Taken In Dubai Mall.. And Most Are In The Aquarium.. It Was Really Nice.. But I Wanted To Be In Atlantis " The Lost Champers " Read About Them Before.. But We Canceled That Cuz We Already Saw The Aquarium In Dubai Mall So Next Time Inshallah.. And Here's Some Pics..

If Only You See This Fish's Smile :D ( 7baitha )

Look How Cute They Are :*

And Here's Some Pics In And Out Dubai Mall :

Yes I Totally Feel I Didn't Do Something New.. But We Had So Much Fun.. I Really Knew How Organize I Am.. And How I Take Every Little Detail Seriously, Little Things I Learend About Myself..
Dunno What Else I Can Write Here.. But Last Before We Go To The Airport We Had A Car Drive Around Atlantis It Was Nice.. Next Time Atlantis Will Be My Next Stop :P ( Inshallah )..

P.s : ( Sometimes A Little Getaway Can Be Called An Adventure.. Always Be Gratefull With What You Can Have..! )