Sunday, July 31, 2011

Behind The Big Question " What If ...?! ''

Hello There..

There Comes A Time In Your Life You Start Wondering About Something.. Could Be Something Had Happend.. Or Didn't..  Or Yet It's About To Happen..

So What's Lies Behind The Big Question: " What If.....?! "

I'll Tell You.. Lies Infinite Possibilities.. Of What Your Life Could've Been.. Be.. And Will Be.. And Sometimes This May Help If You Are Dealing With Today.. And Planning For Tomorrow.. But How Help Could It Give If What Are You Wondering About Is A Past That No Longer Can Be Lived Again..?!

So.. When You Are Taking That " What If ..?! " Road.. Take That Long Side Road Where It Takes You To Another Wondering.. " If What I'm Wondering About Did Happen.. Would I Be The Person I Am Today..?!"
" Would I Accomplish This..?" " ......

Yeah We Make Lot Of Choices Everyday.. And Each Choice Has A Result.. Look Deep For What You Have Chose.. And What You Have Become.. I'm Sure There's Something Bigger Hide Behind That Choice..

Think Of What You Have Today.. It May Still Be With You Tomorrow.. But What's Gone Had Gone.. Just Let It Go And Don't Wonder Why.. But Wonder What's Best Came Out Of It...

P.s: " You Will Always Be My Biggest What If..?! But How Big This Question Can Be If  It's About Something Life May Not Bring Back..?! "

Here's A Little Lovely Song.. Just knew That Kate Winslet Sing..!!! Amazing Voice My Fav. Song already :P .. Enjoy..


  1. What if ..what if ??
    Better live life to fullest .

  2. Exactly.. That's My Point... Life Goes On..

  3. the song attracted me sooo much .. love it :D

  4. Crowsy: It's One Of My Fav. Wallaah :D
    Glad you Loved It :D
    And Thanks For Passing By

  5. wow. i didnt know that she sings! not bad at all

  6. 3ala goltech,, What's Gone Had Gone..
    I like ur posts :)

  7. iyaa: Aww thanks that's really sweet :$