Who I Am..?

Hello There..

I'm BeRo0 A 24 Year Old Girl.. It's Simply Me.. A Girl Trying To Fit In The Blogging World.. Started This Blog As A Gateway From My Real World.. And The Main Idea Behinde It Was To Write My Thoughts, Ideas, Interests And Little About My Life.. Writing Is My Passion.. Well Beside Chocolate :p .. And I Started Blogging On December 2010, It's Been Almost Two Years And Now I'm More Comfortable To Mix My Real Life And Blogging World..

I'm Free To Call Myself #ThatsOnMyMind Girl Cuz I Write Whatever Comes In My Mind Whether It Touchs You Or Not.. My Thought Might Be About You..!!

So Hope You Enjoy Reading.. Because My Thoughts Will Show You That I'm More Than A Girl In A Mirror Can Be.. And There's More In Me Than What You See..!!!

I'll Be Within Every Thought :D !!!
Enjoy The Ride....

With All Love My Heart Can Handle..