Sunday, May 29, 2011

Controversy Novel..

I Think Most Of You.. Read About The " Controversy " A Novel Written By: Hamad Homoud AlOtaibi..
Thanks To Many Blogs Who Wrote About It.. Providing An Intro About The Novel And Instructions How To Get It..

I First Knew About The Book Accidentally In Twitter.. And Waited For The Release Date.. I'm Not The Kinda Person Who Read Lots Of Books.. But I Love To Read Stories Or Let's Say Novels.. That's Why I Ordered The Book..

The Book Was Within My Hands In Such A Short Notice.. And I'm Gratefull For That..

Anyway.. I Loved The Novel.. It Was Simple And Realistic.. I Loved How Each Chapter Was Short But Gives You The Details You Need To Know In A Breif Way..With Different 4 Main Characters That You Might Find Yourself In One Of Them .. Yes It Was A Short Novel.. The Two Things I Loved Where..

1- The Novel Doesn't End At The 152 Page.. No Cuz It Will End Leaving You with A Big Question Mark.. So It's A Mystery.. And Ofcourse We Need To Solve it..!

2- The Second Thing Is.. That We Won't solve That Mystery Ourselves.. Cuz There will Be Another Part For The " Controversy " Novel Inshallaa :D

So I Got The Last Info From @ControversyBook Official Account On Twitter.. And I Was Told.. That It Might Take A While.. But The Time Will Be Worth It.. Cuz It will Be Long.. ( Inshallaah)..

I'm So Excited ... Cuz I Really Really Loved It.. And So Curious To Know What's Next..
And Thanks To Hamad AlOtaibi (The Writer )For His Efforts.. Good Luck With This Novel.. And Other Novels To Come.. ( Again Inshallaah ) :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hamlet The Play..

Hello World...

Today I Got The Chance To Go To My Little Sis's School " AL-Esra'a High School"  And Attend " Hamlet " Play Which Was Prepared By Her Class Under The Supervision Of Her English Teacher Miss Mona..

Who Doesn't Know The Famous Phrase " To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question..!" Which Is  Quoted From Hamlet Written By William Shakespeare..

To Be Honest I Heard About This Story But Never Did I Read It Or Watched It As Movie Or Play .. But Today I Did..

After Weeks Of Prepration And Rehearsals.. Comes The Day Where All The Efforts And Time Spend To Gain Credit.. The Decorations And Customs Were Simple But They Gave A Great View About How Life Was At That Century..   I Was Really Surprised By The Girls Acting Skills.. Really They Did A Great Job.. With Great British Accent.. And They Did All That Infront Of  Some English Department Heads, Parents, Family Members and Teachers..

And The English Department Head Took The Chance At The End Of The Play .. To Thank Everyone In The Play And Also Praise Thier Effort To Make It Go Well.. And That's When I Saw The Relief At The Teachers  In Charge , Happiness On The Girls Faces.. And The Proud Look On The Parents..

So A Big Claps For All The Girls Who Were In That Play.. You Really Did An Amazing job..!

My Sis Did Pretty Much Great Job.. she Played Horatio Hamlet's Friend  I Was Afraid That At Some Point She Missed up A word Or Something  bs Ashwa Al7mdallah She didn't :P,, !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop Misjudging Me..!!


I'm So Ordinary Girl..With Normal Close To Boring Life.. But I Do Have Wild Fool Moments To0.. I Have My Ups And Downs..  My Laughs And Tears.. Well I Have My Own life To Deal With.. But I'm Still Not That Kinda Girl Who Go Out Much.. Or Get Crazy Or Get Out Of Control, or Even Cross Lines..

Why I'm Writting This.. It's Because Someone Did Misjudged Me Once.. And That Someone Judged Me For Exactly Few Minutes.. And What Matters Is That Mini-Short Minutes Doesn't Give you The Right To Make A Close To Reality Judgment About Anybody..! But There You Go.. You Judged Who I am and Who I'm With.. And You Already Not Good At That..!

So I'm Not Here To Explain Why.. Cuz you Didn't Give Me A Chance When You Misjudged Me, So I'm Not Gonna Excuse Myself To You.. Cuz I Read Once.. " You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression..! "

So I Didn't Fit Your Standrds When You First Saw Me.. As you Didn't Fit Mine When You Think Of Me The Way You Did..

So Plz Next Time, Dont Judge Anyone.. Why..?! It's Simple Cuz You Might just Be Wrong.. And You Might Miss The Chance To Meet Someone Good..! Miss Someone You Couldn't Break Through From The First Sight.. Cuz Sweety You Need To Dig The rocks Deeper To Find Diamonds.. You Don't Just Find Them It's Never That Easy..

P.s: Dear Someone I Forgive you.. Cuz It's Just Me An Ordinary Girl ..That You just Can't Handle..! ;)

I'm No Failure..!

Hello World..

Sorry To Be So Annoying And Down Lately.. But That's How I Feel Can't Fake It..! You May See Me Laugh and Goof Around.. But I'm Sure I Do Cry When I Have Those Hard To Deal with Moments..

I Hate This Feeling Of Being Useless.. And Unable to Face Life Challenges On My Own.. Or Unable To Know Whether I'm Good enough To Fit In The REAL WORLD..!

To Be Honest... I Never Got The Chance To.. And I'm Ok With It Cuz I Know.. This Will Happen Sooner Or Later ( Inshallah ).. But Sometimes, Being On The Same Spot While Others Are Moving On Is Kinda Hard.. Specially When People Around You Point To Your Life As It's Uncompleted Yet..! It's Like You Are Not Aware Of What's Already Missing..! So They Keep Mentioning It Every Time They Get The Chance To.. You Can't Help It But to Face Them with A Smile.. While Something Is Shattering From Within..! ;/

You Gonna Tell Me Don't Listen Or don't Care.. Well I Can't , I Got Nothing Else To do But to Listen..!
With Everything Going On Around Me.. I'm Sure I'll Be Down For Quite Not Long ( Ma3laih Ta7mloni shway ;p ) .. But I'm Sure I'll Be Up Again.. Once I Regain My Strength Cuz:

" Things Get Worse Before They Get Better..! " And This Bad Chapter Of My Life Will Soon Be Closed ( Inshallah ).....

So At The Very end.. I Tell Myself.. " I'm No Failure.. I Just Didn't Get The Chance To Prove It..! "

Ps: kinda Personal but Hope It Inspires At Least One, And Dunno why but Felt Like The song fit :p Hope you like It..!