Friday, March 30, 2012

The 11 Questions Tag [ Part 1 ]

Hello Again..

As I Mentioned In My Previous Post: Here

I Was Tagged By " @Bfly_chick " To Answer Her 11 Questions Here .. And Here We Go..


1. If You Were Walking And You Saw A Stranger Wearing Something That You Really wWnted To Have Long Time Ago, Will You Go Ask From Where They Got It?
- No, I'm Always Afraid That Person Won't Be Nice.

2.      Are You In Love?
- Not Yet.
3.      Do You Dislike/Hate Someone?
- No Hate, Hate Is A Big Word.
4.      Have You Ever Tried Drinking Alcohol?
5.      Are You A Happy Person?
-Not All The Time, Bs Al7emdallah.
6.      Would You Live In Another Country Than Yours?
- I Can, But I Don't Want To.. Can't Stay Away From Kuwait.
7.      Do You Believe In Second Chance?
-Yes I Do, I Believe Everyone Can Change For The Better.
8.      Would You Give A Second Chance?
-Yes, But If There's No Hope For A Change Then No More Chances To Give Away.
9.      Do You Own A Pet?
-No, I Hope Someday.
10.  Do You Have A Good Voice?
- I Think So
11.  Are You Fat?
- No , But Little Chubby :P

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