Sunday, March 18, 2012

This New Trends Could Be Yours..!!

Hello There..

It's Been Quite Few Days When I Started Using This App Called " Draw Something " .. If You Have Some Free Time, Bored Or Even Fully Occupied.. Few Fun Seconds Can Help Cheer You Up..

So Far Everyone I Know Is Using It.. And It's Really Fun.. I Kinda Used It Along The Past Weekend.. At First I Thought It's Really Silly App.. But Somehow I Got Hooked.. It's Fun.. And Brings Out The Creativity Inside You..

And It's So Easy.. First Start By Downloading The App It's Called " Draw Something "..  The Next Step Will Be By Creating An Account And It Had 2 Options Wheather By An Email Or Connecting It To A Facebook Account..

Then You Are All Set For The Game.. You Can Start Playing with People You Know By Typing Their Usernames.. Email Or With Random People..

And There Is 3 Difficulty Levels " Easy , Medium And Hard ''.. You can Choose Among Them What You Can Draw And Then Start Drawing.. All What The Other Person Has To Do Is To Guess The Word You Are Trying To Draw..

You Can Collect Points Every Time You Guess A Drawing Right.. And Collecting Those Points Can Help You Buy New Colors Or Buying Bombs.. And Those Bombs Can Help Eliminating Extra Letters So It Makes It Easier To Guess The Words..

If By Chance You Want To Try It.. You Can Add Me and Play.. " BeRo0Q8 " ..

Just A Warning.. I'm Bad At Both Drawing And Gussing :p..

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