Monday, March 5, 2012

Empty Frames..

Hello There..

I Have A New Empty Frame On My Shelf I Still Dunno Why I Didn't Fill It With A Picture Yet..?!
And Don't Ask Why..

It's Just Everytime I Want To Put A Photo In It.. I Just Back Out And Never Do It.. Because I Always Say It's Not The Right Ome..!!

But Still The Frame Look So Lifeless, Useless, Full Of Emptiness..

That's When I Thought That Waiting For The Right Picture To Be Snapped May Take Forever.. And While Waiting Why Not Fill It With A Picture I Like.. And I'm Always Free To Replace It When I Get That Perfect Picture That I'm Waiting For..

It's Waaaaaaay Better Looking Than An Empty Frame.. Don;t You Think..?

That's How Our Lives Is.. We Should Hold On And Get Along With What We Already Have.. Till Something Better Add To Our Lives Rather Than Take What We Used To Have.. !

Little Thoughts By..

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