Friday, January 14, 2011

It Is Not Only A Wish Away..!!

Hi There...

It's Just Amaze Me How People Come Together When Others Are In Need.. Beyond Differences..!
Beyond Circumstances..!

Words Does Effect.. So If By Words We Can Convince, Persuade And Influence Other People To Help.. Then Words Is Our Way In.. There's A lot Of People Rush To Help Every time They Get The Chance To..
Our World Is Not Perfect.. There Are Some Didn't Get The Chance To Live Like We Do Right Now..
That's Why We Thank God For Every Little Thing We Have ( Al7emdallah )..

Yet We Can't Change The Facts.. That Wars And Disasters Does Steal People's Life.. But Worry No More.. Cuz If There Are Some Who Destroy Our World.. There Are Alot Of Peace Makers.. Whether It's By Actions Or Words..

So Thanks For Everyone Who Is Helping Others Just To Make It A Better World.. Thanks To Those Who Gave Their Time and Efforts To Help The Less Fortunate.. Thanks For Those Who Rush To Give A Hand When Needed.. Thanks Those Efforts Does Make A Difference If Not To Us.. It Will To Them..!!

 So.. Our Hope For Peace Is Not Only A Wish Away.. If Only We Reach Deep Inside Our Humanity We Will Find It..

And Here Are Some Of Songs That I Loved .. All About Peace And Helping Others.. And The Feeling It Gives Is Just Amazing.. Hope You Like It...

Actually The Last One.. Inspired Me to Write This Post Cuz I Listened to It Yesterday On My Play-List..

PS:( I Loved Those Songs.. And I Do Believe The Can Make A difference Even By Words..! So Peace.. )