Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pass It On...!!


You Know The Saying " An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words " ( Hope I Wrote It Right..?! ) Well I Do Believe In It.. I Know Words Can Be Strong More Powerful.. But So Is The Image.. I Dunno Why This Came Into My Mind... ( Hope It's Related If Not Then It's Okay..!)

Anyway I Was Bored And I Went Through The I Was Looking Through Different Types Of Commercials.. Until I Found A Great Commercials For One Great Cause..!! The Cause Was " For A Better Life "..!!

" THE FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER LIFE "... Made Different Types Of Commercials Helping To Spread Lots Of Values And Actions Such As : ( Respect - Integrity - Appreciation - Good Manners - The Power Of Dreaming - Honesty - Compassion - Helping Others - Believing - Patience - Caring - Sharing And The list goes On & On...) That Can Help Making Our World A Better Place To Live In..!!

Imagine If One Little Action From You Can Change The Whole World..!! ( Yeah I'm Optimistic Can't Help It ;p ).. I Found It So Touching And Inspiring The Idea Of Those Commercials.. And It's All For Changing Yourself From The Inside.. To The Outside.. And Then Help Changing Others.. And Eventually Help Changing The World..!!

I So Admired The Idea.. And The Effort This Foundation Is Doing.. Thumbs Up For Them.. And I Hope They Keep Up The Good Work.. You Can Check Their Site :

And Here's Some Of Their Commercials:

Well I Couldn't Choose Among Them All.. You Can Check Them Out On If You Want.. I Hoped You Liked Them As I Did.. And I Hope You Realize What I Meant By The Good Cause They Are Working On..

Ps: ( I Loved Thier Work.. And By Posting About Them Is My Way To Say Thanks Alot For You Guys )...!!


  1. The second video (Optimism) was my favorite.

    You except him to hit a home run on the last shot. He doesn't, but he looks at the bright side. And so should all of us.

  2. Yeah I loved It To0.. It Was funny Though.. That's What We All Need I Agree...
    If We Are Not Good At Something.. Then We Are Better In Another..

    Thanks For Stepping,,, :D