Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Funny Tomato Juice Story..!

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This Is One Of A Videos That Keeps Me Laughing Every Time I Watch It.. Again & Again.. And The Funniest Part Is That Moms Do Act Like This Sometimes.. Enjoy Watching Max Amini And His Story With Tomato Juice..

Mariam Tagged Me..

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I Was Tagged By My Sweetest Friend @MariamAshkanani .. You Can Check The Post And Her Blog To0: [ Here ]

1- When Did You Start Blogging And Why ..?
I Started Blogging On 25-12-2010, And Back Then I Have A Free Time Plus I Love Writing So I Had To Have Something Get Busy With And Since Then I'm All In Love With Blogging .. You Can Check It Out: [ Here ]

2- How Did You Choose Your Blog Name ..? " Whats The Story Behind It '' ..?
Well I Wanted A Name That Express Me.. And I Have lot Of Nicknames By My Family & Friends.. But " BeRo0 '' Is One Of My Favourite So I Called My Blog " BeRo0Q8 ''

3- Did Blogging Helped You In A Way Or Other ..?
Actually It Did, I Was Really Inspired To Get Back To Writing Which Is Something I'm So Passionate About.. Plus Now I Know A Lot Of Great People.. And Now I'm More Updated With What Happens In K-Town Thanks To My Fellow Bloggers..

4- Where Do You See Your Blog In The Next Two Years ..?
Ummm.. I Really Hope It Will Be Inspiring A Lot Of People..

5 - Your Favorite Post By You ..? And Why ..?
I Have Many Fav. But I'll Choose One " The Way To Perfection..": [ Here ]

6- Who's Your Favorite Blogger\Blog ..?
Well Actually Alot.. I Don't Wanna Forget Anyone But You Can Check My BlogRoll And See Who I Love And Make Sure To Visit Every Once And A While..

Busy Being Lazy..!

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Wow.. Been Long Time Since I Last Wrote Something Here.. I Almost Forgot How It Feels.. Since I Got Back And I've Been Busy Being Nothing But A Lazy Girl.. Just Relaxing.. And Spending Time Alone Most Of The Time.. Add To That Being Busy With People Who Come To Our House " Yet7mdon belsalama "..

So Hey, I Miss You.. Yeah You..!! I Really Miss Being The Writer In My Blog.. And Miss You Being The Reader.. How's Everything..?! Hope You Are Fine To0..!

Anyway.. So Sorry For Staying Away From My Blog.. I Just Needed Time For Myself.. Or Let's Say A Rewarded Vacation Planned By Me..

But I Promise I'll Get Back To Writing.. So Get Ready :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Competition For Kuwaiti Small Businesses..!

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To All Kuwaiti Small Businesses It's About Time To Raise Your Voice And Shine.. My Dear Friend @3ateeja & 3anfooga From 3ateeja & 3anfooga's Blog Are Holding A Competition For You..

All You Have To Do Is:

1. Sending An Email To:  ms.3ateeja@live.com With:
- Your Full Name
- The Name Of Your Businesses
- 3 To 4 Lines About Your Businesses
- Include Pictures Of Your Product

And They Will Post About Each Business.. And The Readers Will Vote For The Best Business..

The Prize:
- Free Ad Space For One Month Plus A Surprise Gift..


So What Are You Still Waiting For..?!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm Going Home..!

Hello People..

I Totally Can't Believe I'm Finally Writing This Post.. I've Been Counting Minutes Not Only Days For This Day To Come.. Praying That Everything Goes Well And It's About Time For All The Prayers To Be Answered.. It's About Time To Go Back Home..!

After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Being Away..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Missing Mom, Family And Friends..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Living A Completely Different Lifestyle..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Being A Stranger At First And Fitting In Later..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks Learning About Myself, My Limits, My Life And My Goals..
After 2 Months & 2 Weeks From Pain, Fear, Paitience And Strength..
I'm Finally Coming Back Home ( Inshallah )..

Wow I Really Cannot Describe How I Feel And Fit Those Feelings In Words Here.. I'm So Happy That Inshallah I'm Going Home.. And Yet I Still Can't Believe That This Journey Is About To End.. A Journey Of Self Discovering.. Been Through A Lot.. And Now All This Time We Spent Here In Ohio Is Going To Be Part Of Our Memories.. A Story To Tell.. I'm Glad I Lived It..

Inshallah I'll Be Home Soon In Suterday.. So Excited To See My Whole Family & Friends.. I Miss You All.. 3asani Man7rem :D


[Youtube Link: Here ]

My 24th Chapter Of Life Just Begun..!

Hello There..

Today I Said Goodbye To My 23rd Chapter Of My Life.. And Welcomed My New 24th One.. Yeah It's A Brand New Start For Me.. A New Beginning .. But A Beginning That Won't Change Me But Will Complete Me.. I'm Not Changing Who I Am.. But There's Always A Space For A Better Me.. An Improvment Maybe.. For The Best I Hope..

It's Actually My First Birthday Away From Home.. But The Feelings Weren't Different Cuz As Far As I Was.. As The Closest Those Feelings Were To My Heart.. I Know I'm Not That Young To Celebrate A Birthday.. But I'm Not That Old To Not To..!!

To Me It Was Just Another Typical Day In Ohio.. But It Was A Day Full Of Love.. I'm So Overwhelmed With The Sweetest Words I Got From My Family & Friends.. Honestly I Was In Tears..

It's Really Nice To Remember Someone's Birthday.. Cuz You Know How Special This Day To That Someone.. And By That He/She Will Know How Special They Are To You..!

Some Actually Knew About My Birthday By My Tweets But Yet They Send Me Great Wishes For My New Year.. And I Truly Appreciate That.. You Just Added More Happiness To My Day..

Really Thanks For Everyone.. I'm Blessed to Have You All.. 3asa Allah y5lekom Ley..

The Past Year Will Always Be The Hardest And The Greatest At The Same Time.. Cuz For All What I Lost I Gained A lot Much More..

Al7mdallah For Everything.. Wish You All A Great Many Years To Come.. And May All Your Wishes Come True..

To Read My Last Post About My Last Birthday Click: Here

@RubyTuesdayKwt 's Ribs Festival

Hello There..

This Season Your Favorite Ribs Are Half Their Prices..!!! Can You Believe This..?!

Ruby Tuesday Branches In Kuwait Are In Sharq On The Gulf Road, Laila Gallery Mall In Salmiya, 360 Mall, Avenues Mall And In Al Shaab Area Next To Shaab Park On The Gulf Road.. 

 Visit Your Nearest Ruby Tuesday Branch For More SURPRISES..!!

You Can Also Follow Them On Twitter For More Information And News..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye Year 2011..

Hello There..

Wow It's Been A Year Since I Said Goodbye To The Year 2010.. [ Click Here ]

And Now We Are About To Scratch 2011And Begin A Whole New Chapter Called '' 2012 ''.. A New Year To Start All Over Again.. A New Year To Re-live Your Dreams And Accomplish Them.. A New Year And A New Chance To Be A Better You..!

I Won't Really Say That This Year Passed So Fast.. It Really Did Only After Reaching The Last Day Of It.. And While You Look Back You Realize It Really Passed So Fast.. But While You Were Living It, It Wasn't That Fast..

I've Always Said That This Year Was One Of The Toughest I've Been Through.. For So Many Different Reasons.. But I Won't Neglect What It Taught Me.. And I'll Always Appreciate That.. Because '' Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do..! ''

Ooh Family.. My Dear Family.. I Really Missed Being With You The Last Couple Months And Now I Start My New Year Without You :( '' Mn '3air Shar ''.. I Hope I Go Home Soon..

One Of The Best Things I Came Out Of 2011 Was The Friends I Gained In It.. It's Not About The Number But About The Real Friends I'm So Blessed To Have..

One Of The Things I Realized Is No Matter How You Want To Go As Far As You Can From Home.. It's The First Place You Wanna Get Back To Once You Are Away..

And I Will Always Appreciate What I Have.. And Not Look For What I Don't Have.. It's Ok To Look For Other New Things Just Don't Forget What You Already Have..

I Learned That Waiting Does Pay Off.. No Matter How Long You Wait.. And What Are You Waiting For.. With A Little Faith, Patience And Working Hard You'll Get There..

Don't Ever Let People Tell You How To Live.. Don't Let Them Shape Your Life The Way They Want.. You Always Listen To Them But The Final Decision Is YOURS..!

2011 You Sure Was A Hard Year.. But You Made Me A Lot Stronger.. More Wiser.. And You Also Made Me Know What I Truly Want In This Life.. And I'm Ready To Step In And Reach The Next Level.. So No Regrets.. No Sorrows.. I Salute You.. And Say Goodbye To You.. Wishing That Once I End This Chapter I'll Hold On To It's Memories And Look Back With A Big Smile.. Goodbye Year 2011.. And 2012 I'm Holding My Pen To Start Writing.. Let's Hope We Write Great Stuff..

Wish You Guys A Happy New Year.. Full Of Greatness To Achieve.. And Love To Spread.. o 3asa Allah yaktb Lkom Al5air Feha..