Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Was Inspired..!

Hello Everyone..

I Love To Write.. I Love To Compose Words.. Express My Thoughts.. But Sometimes I'm Too Lazy To Do It.. I Got Lots Of Ideas And Stories To Write.. But As I Said.. Lazy Lazy Lazy.. :D

But Lately I Was Inspired By A Girl She's My Firend @iiEsperanza ( hope You don't mind Me Calling you My Friend ;p ) Who Is A Great Writer It's True That I Knew Her For Only A Little Time But she's Nice.. And The Other Day She Wrote A Short Story.. I Loved How Simple Yet Still Mysterious That Story Was,, But She Let Me Feel It And Live It..!

So Thanks To You For Inspiring Me  To Write Again.. And Guys I'm Gonna Write so Be Completly Honest If I'm Good Or Not..!
I Can Handle The Truth So Don't Worry About Me.. :D

P.s : ( Esperansa I wrote This Post Just To Say Thanks for Inspiring Me.. And you Deserve This simple Thing to Write About you :D )


  1. Of course you can call me your friend!!! <3
    your post really really made my day!! never thought i'd have so much influence on you guys!!
    I'm truly grateful!!
    Thanks for this post..
    and Thank you for motivating me to go on...
    I don't know what did i do to deserve this <3 ;**

  2. Awww Thanks Esperanza For Those Words Really..
    I Thought You Deserve Those Words Cuz You Really Did Bring Back My Love To Writing..
    And Encorage Me To Start All Over Again..
    So Glad I Had The Chance To Know You.. And Read You Words..