Monday, June 27, 2011

A Feeling I Once Had..


I Was Going Through My Stuff.. And Found A Piece I Wrote Few Words In It..
The Amazing Part Was The Feelings Shared On That Piece  Of Paper Are The Same Feelings I Feel Now.. Though I Wrote It Few Years Ago..

" I Just Feel Bad About Myself..
  I Feel Like I'm Not Me Anymore..
 Or At Least Not The One I Used To Be..
 Maybe I Just Need Some Rest..
 So I Can Come Back And Do My Best..
 Cuz Deep Inside I Know I Can Accomplish..
 Anything I Want..
 But Sometimes You Need To Stop And Think..
 Then You May Realize What You Have..
 And What You Want To Have..
 But Will You Still Want What You Got..?!
 Or Will You Follow Your Dreams..?!
 But No Matter What You Choose..
 It's Already Been Written For You..!! "

Few Words By Me..

Random Words.. Express A Feeling I Once Had.. Maybe It's Not Bad.. But Finding This Paper Made Me Realize How I Love Writing Since I Was Young.. Hope I Don't Get Lazy Again And Stop..

P.s : ( Maybe We Experience Feelings At Some Point Of Our Lives.. And Then We Move On.. But There Will Come Another Time To Feel Them Again.. And This Only Means.. We Can Survive And We Can Forget..! )


  1. I am so glad that you are keeping that sprite

    please never let laziness kill the writer inside you.

    InshAllah you one day you will write great poems like me :P

    On pieces of parchment I write you letters,
    And send them as paper planes that wind shatters,
    I smile every time because I know it’s true,
    That my letters will never reach to you,

    And having you within is all I need,
    As I see the world and the world I read,
    With the blue beads and silent sphere,
    I’ll remember you as long as I’m here,

    And as the candle I light burns passionate flame,
    I’ll look at your image that lies within this frame,
    It seems that distance grows with every breath,
    And so I feel the drawing steps of death,

    It seems that our reunion draws near,
    And the end of this road becomes clear,
    If the heart disdains the unattained peace,
    Then what’s the mind to argue this thought at least?

  2. Thanks Alot Inshallah With Some Encouragement You Guys Give Me I'll Keep On writing..

    And I Really Loved The Poem Which u told me it wasn't Yours :P

    But Loved It Alot !