Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Happy Tear..!

Hello Everyone...

Today.. Is A Day To Remember.. A Day I Will Never, Well Me And My Family Will Never Forget.. Because In " 26-June-2011 ".. We Got The Most Amazing News.. We We're All Waiting For This Whole Year..

My Little Sis Graduated From High School With A Good GPA ( Al7mdallah Ya Rab ).. Ma'9a3 Ta3bha..

We Were So Scared And Worried Before Getting The News.. And The Whole Internet Sites That Has The Results On Were Very Busy.. Until My Sis's Best Friend Called Her And Shared The News With Us..

It Was A moment Of Tears Mixed With Happines.. And Of course A Huge Relief.. ( Al7mdallah Ya Rab )..

The Lovely Part.. We Weren't Only Happy With Her Success.. We Were Also Happy With Everyone Who Congratulated Us.. And Who Came To Our House Just To Share Those Happy Moments.. Really Was A Nice Evening With Family Members.. ( Mashkoren o Mag9rtaw :** )

Still Can't Believe That Her Next Year Inshallah Will Be In College.. She's Still And Always Will Be My Little Sis..

So Sis.. Today You Just Finished A 12 Amazing Years As A Child, And As A Teenager.. But Now You Are Considered As A Young Adult..

With This End.. A Bright Start.. Comes With A Huge Responsibility.. This Is When Your Future Begins.. Choose Wisely.. And If You Need Anything Don't You Ever Ever Be Afraid To Ask..

You Will Make Mistakes Along The Way.. But This Won't Let You Down.. Cuz It's A lesson To Learn.. You'll Get Disappointed.. And Feel Down.. But I Promise You This Will Not Last..

The Best Part Is.. You'll Start To Become The Woman You Always Dreamed To Be.. And Ofcourse No More Uniforms :P ( Let's Burn That Blue Dress :P )..!!

And For Now Enjoy Your Summer Vacation.. And Hope You Will Be Ready For Your College Life ( Inshallah )..

Love You Sis.. And I'll Always Be There For You No Matter What Happens ( Inshallah )..


  1. awww so cute!!! <3
    Congratulation raby yewafgha w yewafgch inshAllah!
    my sister inshAllah will graduate next year ;pP
    WAi it's such a happy feeling.. Have major fun~~

  2. 7abebti wallah.. allaah ybark b3omrech :*** <33
    Ameeen Yarab o ywafg Alkel :D
    Eeeh Wallah Far7a 7elwa mawdch y5al9 alyom..
    inshallah yarab next Year Nfra7 eb your Sis..
    3asa allah ywafghaa yaraab :****

  3. 1st of all ... CONGRATULATION to your baby sis and hope for her dawam eltawfeeg wel 9e77a wel3afya

    2nd as you said and this is my advice also
    she is now a lady not a little kid anymore and the past 12 years were just a "Tamheed" for the real deal which is college and this is the hard part .. or its not if she takes it seriously and start sacrificing alittle of the joy of life in order to get the high degree.

    this is my only and one advice for an after college happy life, and i am not saying college is not fun but it need more concentration but she will meet new people and great new friends as i did and will have fun

    so again Congrats 3ala elshahada we enshalla dayem raf3a ras ahalech as "i surely know" Beroo raf3a ras ahalha :D

  4. Allaaah ybaarek b3omrek mag9art wallah :D
    and A6mnek al7mdallah she's The kinda person who know what she really want..
    o inshallah yaraab to9al lele ehya tabeeh..
    O Your Advice ra7 to9alha inshallah

    o inshallah terfa3 rasna 3ala 6ool m3anha mo mga9ra.. o inshallah nshofk 3aal yom katb 7g weldk ena t5arj :D ( Ameen Yarab 3asa allah ybal'3na hal yom )

    Thanks For stepping by :D

  5. Aalf Aalf Mabrook I am very happy that she passed with good GPA now she has to work more harder in her college.

    She is so lucky that she has a sister like you in her good and bad times.

    And really i had seen very less time love between 2 sisters like this

    May Allah bless you and your family inshAllah and give you success

  6. Allaah ybarek feeek mashkoor o maga9art wallah..

    Thanks For Those Sweet Words Really It Meant alot Wallaah :$