Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not Missing.. Just Doesn't Exist..!!

It's Been Almost A Year Since I Last Graduated From College.. If You Ask Me " Is This How You Imagine You Life After Graduation..?! " My Answer Will Be: " Definitely, No..! "...

I've Been Through Alot During This Whole Year.. That's Why I Can Categorize  It As The Hardest.. (Well Personally..! )

You Know When You See A Star Falling.. Well I'm Not Falling.. I'm Just At My Same Spot Where I Was Almost One Year Ago..

Hard..?! Is It..?!
No, It's Only Hard When You See Others Moving On.. And You Can't do Nothing But To Watch..!
Don't Ask Me: " Why Don't You Do Anything About It..?!" , Cuz I Did What I Can.. And I Still Do Whatever I Can To Persue.. To Step Forward.. It's Long Tough Road And I Know.. But I'm Still Gaining The  Strength Within Just to Keep Holding On To The Few Pieces Left Of Me..

And While Waiting.. I Won't Let Anyone To Bother Me.. Or Tell Me How My Life Should Be.. Cuz If They Lived Their Life The Way The Suppose to.. It Doesn't Mean I Should Re-Live It Again.. Cuz My Life Is My Original.. Not Some Book They've Read Before..!

It's True, I Miss A lot Right Now.. But It's Not About Some Things Been Missing.. It's Always About Some Things.. That Doesn't Exist.. Well For Now..!

So Till The Missing Pieces Take All The Time It Need To Complete My Life.. DO NOT GET INVOLVE..!!

P.s: ( I Know It's Personal.. Just Felt Like Writing...! )

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