Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So It's Now Official..

Hello Everyone..

Today My Dad Told Me That He Booked For Me And My Little Sis Tickets To Go With Him To Dubai Inshallah On July.. I'm So Excited Though It's Only For 5 Days.. It's Just I Need This Kinda Break To Change My Mood Which Been Down For A Little While..

The Problem Is This Is Going To Be My First Time To Be Away From Mom.. Don't Get Me As Momy's Little Girl.. Well I'm Her Girl :p It's Just It's My First Time To Be Away To Another Country..!

I Felt That The Moment I Saw Her Face When Dad Asked Us If We Wanna Go.. In Her Words.. It's Ok Go Have Fun.. But Behind Those Words An Honest Feeling Of " How Hard To Let You Both Go..! "..

I Really Wish That She Can Come Walla.. We Would Have so Much Fun Together.. Cuz This Past Year.. Made Me Go More And More Closer To My Mom.. And Thank God For That ( Really Al7mdallah )..

It's Gonna Be Crazy Month July Is..!

So Does This Mean I Should Start Shopping :P ?!!!

LooL Well I'm Going Shopping For Some Stuff I Need, And To Do Few Things For My Little Sis's Graduation Party.. Which Is On july To0 But We Will Be In Kuwait Inshallah..

So I'm Excited and Looking Forward To.. And Inshallah It Will Be Fun.. God I Miss Mom Already.. Need To Plan Sometime To Go Out With Her The Up Coming Days..

P.S: ( Glad To Go.. But Hard To Let Go..! )

Anyway Kent Ashof Celine Dion Concerts With Sis.. oo 7adii Eshta6aait.. So B76 One Of My Fav. Songs By Her..


  1. Well , grate that's a good way to refresh , especially that u need it to escape the daily routine . So get the most of it . And about ur mom , trust me it's natural since she got used to ur presence . And as u said it's just 5 days so
    Aby '9o'3a

  2. Thanks Wallah Imagination.. Inshallah I will Try To Have Fun..
    Eeh Afa 3alaik testahal 9o'3a, any Thing On ur mind ? :P

  3. tro7een witrideen bil salama inshallah