Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picture In Her Wallet..!

It Was Such A Nice Evening.. Whe She Decided To Buy Some Doughnuts.. Drove Her Car.. All Alone..
Listening To Her Favourite Music.. Escaping From Reality To Deep Inside Her Thoughts.. Dreaming But She's Still Awake.. Didn't Care Who's Looking.. Who's Following.. Who's Judging.. This Is Her Ride And All What She Want Is To Have Fun..!

And When She Arrived To Her Destination.. Parked Her Car.. Took A Moment After The Music Was Switched Off.. It's Time To Get Back To Reality.. The Doughnuts Shop Was Kinda Crowded And She Had To Wait For A Little While To Get Served..

And While Waiting.. She Was Staring At Doughnuts Wondering What Will She Choose.. And While That She Felt Like Someone Was Staring.. But Not On Doughnuts But On Her..!!

She Took A Quick Look To That Staring Eyes.. And Ther He Is A Tall Guy With A Smile On His Face.. Like He Knew That She Will Look Back At Him.. She Smiled And Turend Her Head Away..  And She Was Thinking: " What A Charming Moment.. Aah.. "

He Wasn't Alone Though He Was With One Of His Friends.. Chatting Together Yet His Eyes Didn's Look Away From Her.. On The Other Hand She Didn't Care After That Charming Moment.. Cuz She Knows There Is Nothing More to Happen With That Person..!

She Ordered Her Doughnuts.. And Opend Her Wallet To Pay.. He Was Standing Behind Her.. And While She Was Paying He Notice A Picture Of Her In The Wide Frame Inside Her Wallet.. And He Surprised And Said: " Wo0w You Sure Love Yourself So Much..!! "

She Was Completly Shocked to What She Just Heard.. And Froze In Her Place.. Didn't Know What To Say Or Do.. Frozen From The Outside.. But Burning And Furious From The Inside..! Not Only He Violated  Her Privacy By Looking Through Her Wallet.. But Also Was so Rude To Make Such A Harsh Judgment Based On What He Only Saw..!

She Woke Up From Those Frozen Moments And Stayed Calm She Knew She Can Ignore Him An Leave.. But She Just Had To Do Something.. So She Payed For Her Doughnuts.. And Then Turned Around To Him And Said: " You Don't Have The Right To Judge Me.. And Who Said That I Even Care..?!! ".. He Replied : " Ooh Then Why You Are Telling Me This..?! " He Was Happy With His Reply Almost Felt Like He Accomplished A Victory.. When She Smiled At Him And Said: " By The Way The Picture You Saw Was For My Twin Sister Who Died 3 Years Ago.."

She Dropped That As A Nuclear Bomb On Him And Moved Away.. He Was Shocked And Ashamed Of Himself.. How Did He Allowed Himself To Judge A Girl He Barely Knew.. How Could He Judge Her And Hurt Her Like That.. and What Hurt Him Even More That His Judgment Was Wrong..!!

He Knew He Needed To Do Something.. An Apology Maybe.. Anything Just To Fix His Huge Mistake..
He Excused His Friend And Ran After Her.. She Was Walking In The Parking Lot Heading To Her Car.. He Called Her Over: " Hey. Please Wait..! ".. She Ignored Him And Kept Walking.. He Shouted: " Please Wait.." She Looked At Him And Said:  " Yes.. Other Judment In Your Mind That I Missed..?! ",  He Said While Catching His Breath: " Please Don't Say That.. I.. I'm Really Sorry For That.. I Didn't Know Honestly..! " .. She Said:  " Exactly..You Didn't Know So Don't You Dare To Judge Anyone Before Putting Yourself In Thier Shoes..! " He Replied: " I'm Sorry..Really I Am.. I Was So Stupid....." She Smile ( Evil Smile ) And Said: " Good.... "

She Turned And Start Walking Away.. Leaving Him With His Guilt.. Looking Down Regreting What He Did.. She Suddenly Stopped And Started Laughing Loud.. He Looked At Her Strangely.. " Why In Hell She Is Laughing Now..?! " He Asked Himself..

She Turned At Him And Said: " Sorry But Someone Had To Teach You A Lesson.. And It Was Tempting To Make All This Up...." He Replied In A Shocking Voice: " Whaaat..?!! " She Said: " Really Sorry.. But You Made Two Mistakes Judging Me Without Knowing The Truth.. And Believing Me Even Though You Didn't Really Knew Me..! Beside Who Doesn't Love Himself..?! "

And She Left Leaving Him Speachless.. Thinking About The Lesson He just Learned From A Stranger.. Or The Fact That She Also Pranked Him.. But He Kept Looking At Her With A Smile.. " I Misjudged Her Yet She Was The Bigger Person And Gave Me A Lesson.. What A Girl.. So Sorry.... "

The End..

P.s:(  Just Dont Prejudge Anyone And Don't Let Other People  Teach You That You Teach  Yourself First..! )

A Short Story By Me Hope you Liked It :D


  1. Nice :D

    making the first letter of each word a capital letter is a bit annoying to read

  2. Lord Ayms : Thanks Glad You Liked It..!

  3. Anonymous : Thanks Glad You Liked It.. And Sorry For That It's Kinda My Way In Writing :D