Friday, June 24, 2011

Talk To Yourself..

Hello Everyone..

Recently.. I Was Talking To A Friend Of Mine.. Who Seemed Disturbed By Something.. But Couldn't Know What Was Bothering My Friend.. Cuz My Friend Isn't The Type Of Person Who Share His/Her Problems.. My Friend Keeps What Disturb Him/Her Inside.. And Keep On Collecting Those Disturbing Stuff Over Time.. And Explode At The Very Last Minutes Over A Silly Reason..
( Do You Find Youself Like My Friend..?)

Anyway.. Even Though My Friend Tried To Talk About It.. But He/She Couldn't.. Cuz You Can't Just Change A Life Long Habit Over A Night..!

Sometiems Talking To Others Whom You Trust Or Who You Consider Close To You Helps.. Not Only You Reveal What's Bothering You Or Taking It Out Of your System.. You May Find A Solution.. They May Also Make You Feel Better..

But If This Is Hard On You.. You Can Always Talk To Yourself..!

No I'm Sure About What i'm Writing.. Yeah I'm Not An Expert.. But Talking To Yourself Isn't That Bad.. Actually When You Think About It.. When A Thought Cross By Your Mind.. It's Actually Shared Between You And Yourself..

Let's Talk About When You Are Prepared For Bed For Example.. Once You Put Your Head On The Pillow.. You Start Remembering Your Whole Day.. And This Time When You Realize What You Did Wrong.. And What You Forgot To Do.. What Good Thing You Did.. This Whole Thing Is Between You And You..

So When You Say Within You " What Did I just Do..?! " , " Is This Good..?" , And Whatever Sort Of Question You Have..  You Are Asking Youself..

I'm Not Telling You To Create A Whole New Identity .. But Be More Comfortable To Be Your Own Best Friend.. No One Can Be More Honest To You More That Yourself..

So When You Fail To Share What's Bothering You With Others.. Feel Free To Share It With Yourself..
Go Ahead Google It.. You'll Find It Normal.. And Alot Of People Do It..!

P.s : ( I'm Not An Expert.. But I Think It's Ok To Talk To Youself.. It's Only A Problem When You Talk To Yoself And Don't Know Who You Are Talking To.. !! Beside What I'm suggesting Here Is More Thinking And Talking Between You and Yourself (Internally) More Than Talking To Yourself In Public :P )


  1. loved the advice but one problem .... it will sound a little crazy but i always fight with my self when i remember what i've done like embarrassing stuff and such and some times i do this face re-actions like seriously noticable face motions that even my friends and family notice but i always come up with like stomach problem and such
    wow am blabling alot lol
    btw have you ever punched a wall so hard that you couldnt even feel the pain because your head is so full ??!!!!

  2. LoooL It's Not Crazy I do Those Face Re-actions Sometimes wheather it's for others or for me only :P

    And It's Ok It's you Comment you can say whatever :D

    loool i didn't hit the wall but i got this feeling that u did :P
    Me when My HEad Is So Full I stay alone or give the silence treatment :P

  3. 7abeebtiiiii ur right! o il7imdillah i don't keep it inside i always have someone to say what's wrong with me ..but sometimes i have difficulty in facing the person who made me measurable or who have done this to me! sometime i directly talk to them and sometimes i wait till i know what exactly i want to say and how so i don't say something that i might regret later

  4. That's The Best You Can Do..!
    Always Know What Will You Say Before You Say It..
    And al7mdallah You don't Keep It Inside.. Cuz That's Totally Not Healthy
    Thanks for Stepping By.. :D