Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me And My Shell..!


This Is A little Story I Wrote.. Hope You Like It..

" I've Always Been Inside That World Of Mine.. In A Shell That I Called Mine.. My Shell Was Protecting Me, Myself And I From The World Of The Unknown.. A World Can No Longer Hold Me Or Handle My Thoughts.. A World No Longer Can See Who I Am.. That's Why I Was Away From Everything That Relates Me To That Unknown World..!

I Was Safe In My Shell.. But I Was So Alone.. And Everytime I Think About Going Out I Feel Scared To Step Out The Door.. I Wanted To Go And Face The World.. But Yet I Was Afraid It Won't Accept Me, Understand Me Or Even Look At Me.. And Of Course I Was So Afraid From Getting Hurt..But What Made Me Relieved Is I Always Thought Getting Hurt Is Better Than Feel Nothing At All..!

Don't Think Of Me As A Self-centered Girl.. Well It's Been Along Time Since There's Only Me To Care About.. That's Why I Want to Go Out.. And Release The Butterfly In Me.. Travel In This World's Features And Feel Free Again.. To Connect And Get Connected With Whoever I Meet.. To Laugh And See A World I've Always Imagined And Always Missed..

But That Was An Imaginary World That I Lived In..And It's And Imaginary World That I Believed Exist..A World Where Being Me No Longer Appreciated.. A World Where Thinking Only About Youself Is An Accomplish Itself..!

And Yes I Got Hurt.. And Regretted The Time I Decided To Go Out.. So I Got Back To My Shell.. Which Accepted Me With No Sorrow That I Left It Before.. And It Hugged Me To Make Me Feel Safe.. And It Hugged Me Even Tighter To Take Away That Pain.. Now I'm Back To My Shell.. Where I Know I'm Safe And Always Will..! "

A Short Story By Me..

P.s : ( No Matter Where We Go.. There's Always Someone, Something We Leave Behind Waiting For Us To Come Back..! )

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