Friday, March 30, 2012

The 11 Questions Tag [ Part 3 ]..

Hello Again..

As I Mentioned Before In My Previous Post: Here

I Was Tagged By " @Q8rain " To Answer Her 11 Questions: Here


1. If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It Be?
 - Being Too Much Caring.

2. You Are Walking To The Shops When You Find A 20 KD On The Ground. Do You Bend Over And Pick It Up Straight Away Or Walk Past And Work Out How To Do It On The Sly?
- I Would Pick It Up And Give It To The Missings, Or Not Pick It At All.

3. Where In the World Would You Like To Visit And Why?
- Maldives Cuz It's Romantic

4. What Is The First Word That Comes Into Your Mind When You See The Word " Love ”?
- Family, Friends. Marriage

5. What Is Your Favorite Spot In Kuwait?
- My  Home

6. What Would  Be The Very First Thing You Would Do If You Learned That You Are A Millionaire?
- Shooooopppping :P

7. Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?
-  Married And A Mother For 3 :p

8. Would You Ever Do A Plastic Surgery?
- No, Only If Really Needed

9. Do You Believe In The Saying "Money Brings Your Happiness"?
- Temporary Happiness Only, Not Real One,

10.  If You Have To Live In a Store or Mall For A Month, Which One Will It Be?
- Sultan Centre :P

11. What Are You Most Excited For Right Now?
- My New job

The 11 Qauestions Tag [ Part 2 ]..

Hello Again..

As I Mentioned In My Previous Post: Here
I Was Tagged By " @Q8allinone " To Answer His 11 Questions: Here 


1- What 2 Blogs Do You Visit Or Read Most Often?

2- What’s The Funniest Movie You’ve Ever Seen?
-I Don't Remember The Funniest :P

3- What Would You Do If You Could Be Invisible For One Day?
- I'd Go Scare People And Tape It :P

4- How Long Have You Been Writing A Blog For?
- 1 Year And 3 months

5- Where In The World Would You Like To Visit And Why?
- Maldives Cuz It's Romantic :P

6- What Blogger Would You Love To Meet In Real life?
- I Kinda Met Everyone But I Would Love to Meet: @Q8iyadownunder & @Shesalfah

7- What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?
- Cocoa

8- Who Is The Person You Admire The Most?
- Mom

9- If You Could Travel Back In Time, What Is The One Place Or Event That You Would Aim To Change?
- My Graduation Year, I would Have Fun Much More Than I Did.

10- What Was Your Favorite Childhood Television Show?
- Maroco :P

11- What Is The Best Thing To Happen To You As A Direct Result Of Blogging?
- Being Able To Share The Same Thoughts With People, And Help Making Reading A Priority.

The 11 Questions Tag [ Part 1 ]

Hello Again..

As I Mentioned In My Previous Post: Here

I Was Tagged By " @Bfly_chick " To Answer Her 11 Questions Here .. And Here We Go..


1. If You Were Walking And You Saw A Stranger Wearing Something That You Really wWnted To Have Long Time Ago, Will You Go Ask From Where They Got It?
- No, I'm Always Afraid That Person Won't Be Nice.

2.      Are You In Love?
- Not Yet.
3.      Do You Dislike/Hate Someone?
- No Hate, Hate Is A Big Word.
4.      Have You Ever Tried Drinking Alcohol?
5.      Are You A Happy Person?
-Not All The Time, Bs Al7emdallah.
6.      Would You Live In Another Country Than Yours?
- I Can, But I Don't Want To.. Can't Stay Away From Kuwait.
7.      Do You Believe In Second Chance?
-Yes I Do, I Believe Everyone Can Change For The Better.
8.      Would You Give A Second Chance?
-Yes, But If There's No Hope For A Change Then No More Chances To Give Away.
9.      Do You Own A Pet?
-No, I Hope Someday.
10.  Do You Have A Good Voice?
- I Think So
11.  Are You Fat?
- No , But Little Chubby :P

The 11 Questions Tag.. For 3 Times..

Hello There..

I Was Tagged By My Fellow Bloggers Butterflychick, Q8allinone And Rainy ..

You Can Check Their Posts Here:
Butterflychick: Here
Q8Allinone: Here
Rainy: Here

It's The " 11 Questions Tag ".. It Goes Like This..

Post 11 Random Facts About Yourself.
Answer The 11 Questions I Asked.

Tag 11 Others And Create (11) Questions For Them To Answer.

Inform Those That You Have Tagged.

No Tag Backs.

And Since Each One Of them Have 11 Differet Questions I'll Answer Each One In Different Post.. But Here I Will Post 11 Random Facts About Myself.. My 11 Questions And Who I Want To Tag..

Let's Get Started..

11 Facts About Me :

1. I Believe In Love, Will Never Give Up On That.
2. I Always Look At The Bright Side First.
3. I Sing A Lot When I'm Down.
4. I Don't Like Smoking, Smokers STOP.
5. Chocolate Is My Passion.
6. I'm A Good Person In & Out But I Have My Moments!
7. I Don't Have A Lot Of Friends That's Why I'm Close With My Few Ones. ( Love you Guys )
8. Back In School I Wasn't Popular Or Nerdy But I Was Me..
9. I Think I Once Met My Soulmate but It Wasn't Meant To Be.
10. Yes I'm Emotionally Used, But I Have a Lot More To Give.
11. I Love Writing.

My 11 Questions:

1. What's The Most Amazing Thing You've Accomplish In Your Life So Far?
2. What's The True Blessing You Are Thankful For?
3. If You Were An Actor In What Movie You Will Be In?
4. Do You Love Reading? If Yes What's You Fav. Novel Or Book?
5. What's You Honest Point-view About Marriage?
6. If You Can Go Anywhere, Anywhere Where Will You Go To?
7. If You Were In A Bad Situation And You Can Only Have One Phone Call Who Will You Call?
8. What's The Thing You Can't Live Without?
9. Are You The Kinda Of Person Who Can Talk To A Random Person Sitting Next To You?
10. The Most Embarrassment Moment You've Been Through?
11. Your Honest Thoughts About Me? ( Hehe )

You've Been Tagged:

1. Masktales ( Both Je3da & Rosie )
8. Iyaa
11. Q8blackmarket ( Salem )

Good Luck Guys..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day.. To Every Mom Out There..

Hello There..

It's Finally 21-March.. Every Mother's Day..

I'd Rather Call It " Family Day ".. Not That We Need A Day To Celebrate Our Family Love Or Something.. Just An Excuse To Hang Out More Together.. A Day That Bring Us Back Home To Gather..

To Mom & Dad..

You Both Filled Me With Love.. Care And Hope..
You Were Both My Guardian Angels..
No Matter How Over Protected You Got..
No Matter How Strict You Both Were..
No Matter How Sometimes You Spoiled Me..
I'm Just Glad I Was Raised By You..

We've Been Through Times God Knows The Strength We Needed To Get Us Through..
We've Been, Laughing And Crying But We Didn't Do It Alone.. No We Were All There..

We Kept Each Other Strong.. And Always Stood By..
We Gave Each Other Hands.. And Always Will..
We Kept Each Other Responsible.. And That's Who We Are..

From A Daughter, From A Son. From A Grandchild..
We Love.. Always Been, Always Do And Always Will.. !

3asa Allah y5alekom ley yarab o y6awel b3omrkom..

Any To Those Who Lost A Mother, A Father Or A Loved Ones.. God Bless You With Your Patience.. And Never Forget Them Within Your Prayers..

Little Thoughts By:

Celebrate Mother's Day with @RubyTuesdayKwt & Peppes Pizza..

Hello There..

Celebrate this Mother's Day with Ruby Tuesday & Peppes Pizza..

Ruby Tuesday: Dine in with your Mother and get Flowers and a Cheesecake FREE!!

Peppes Pizza : Enjoy a lovely meal with your mom and get a Oreo Dream FREE!!

This Offer is valid only for a day i.e 21st March 2012.

For more details :
Ruby Tuesday Facebook:
Peppes Pizza Facebook: Here
Twitter: @RubyTuesdayKwt

CBS Kuwait.. Read it Here..

Hello There..

CBS: Canadian Bilingual School is the first Canadian school to be opened in Kuwait and the first Canadian school that offers a bilingual program in the Middle East. CBS has been opened since 2007 from grades PreK-5 now grades PreK-9, every year new grades open.

Canadian Bilingual School follows the modified Ontario (Canada) curriculum thus creating a stimulating and challenging program for thier students. They strive to meet the creative and academic needs of each individual learner. The Ontario curriculum provides the base of their studies but additional enriching concepts and resources have been employed from other sources, to ensure that the very best programming is provided for the students.

 Last week 9th Graders (Freshmen Year) did a volunteer work field trip to Green Island helping KS-PATH (Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat) keep the island clean and safe.

The school is located in:

Block 2, Zaid Al-Khalil Street,
P.O BOX 1251, South Khaitan
Phone: (965) - 24744023
Fax:     (965) - 24743470

You can also check their website: Here

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do I Talk While I'm Asleep..?!!

Hello People.. 

I Had This Thought Early Morning.. When I Wondered : " Do I Talk While I'm Asleep..?! ''

And Of Course I Can't Answer That Since I'm Already Sleep, Gonna Need Someone That Stay Up All Night And Watch Me While I'm Asleep And Confirm That.. Yet It's Creepy.. Anyway This Is Not The Point Here.. 

To Be Honest.. I Sometimes Wake Up After 3 Or 4 Hours Of Sleeping And Check My Phone.. Like Checking My Email, My BBM, My Whatapp And Even Twitter.. And Sometimes There's That Convo That You Don't Wanna Miss.. Or You Just Got To Type Something As A Reply.. So Yeah While I'm Half Awake And Half Asleep I May Text Back And Then Get Back To Sleep Right Away..

And I'm Sure Few People Do The same Not Sure Though.. But Yet I Consider This Talking While I'm Asleep..! LoL Cuz I'm Texting With No Full Conscious And Still I'm Communicating With Others.. God Knows What I May Say.. What Secrets Got Revealed :P.. 

So I'm No A Sleep Talker.. But I'm A Sleep Texter.. Guess I Am :P 

So What Do You Think.. Do You Talk While You Are Asleep..?! Share

This New Trends Could Be Yours..!!

Hello There..

It's Been Quite Few Days When I Started Using This App Called " Draw Something " .. If You Have Some Free Time, Bored Or Even Fully Occupied.. Few Fun Seconds Can Help Cheer You Up..

So Far Everyone I Know Is Using It.. And It's Really Fun.. I Kinda Used It Along The Past Weekend.. At First I Thought It's Really Silly App.. But Somehow I Got Hooked.. It's Fun.. And Brings Out The Creativity Inside You..

And It's So Easy.. First Start By Downloading The App It's Called " Draw Something "..  The Next Step Will Be By Creating An Account And It Had 2 Options Wheather By An Email Or Connecting It To A Facebook Account..

Then You Are All Set For The Game.. You Can Start Playing with People You Know By Typing Their Usernames.. Email Or With Random People..

And There Is 3 Difficulty Levels " Easy , Medium And Hard ''.. You can Choose Among Them What You Can Draw And Then Start Drawing.. All What The Other Person Has To Do Is To Guess The Word You Are Trying To Draw..

You Can Collect Points Every Time You Guess A Drawing Right.. And Collecting Those Points Can Help You Buy New Colors Or Buying Bombs.. And Those Bombs Can Help Eliminating Extra Letters So It Makes It Easier To Guess The Words..

If By Chance You Want To Try It.. You Can Add Me and Play.. " BeRo0Q8 " ..

Just A Warning.. I'm Bad At Both Drawing And Gussing :p..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

STOP Kony..!!

Hello There..

Check This Video Out.. A 30 Mintues Is Way Enough To Realize The Role You Can Do To Help..

Youtube Link : [ Here ]

Event: @P2BKuwaiti Opening Ceremony [ Part 3 ]..

Hello Again..

Let's Check The Last Part Of @P2bkuwaiti VIP Opening..

Then The Funniest Thing Happened Me And @AlMutawwaA From KanshaQ8 Blog Were Checking This Booth Really Nice One Full Of  Fun Scientific Experiments..

Then AlShaikh " Nasser Almohamad '' Passed By.. And The Media Was Following Him.. And It Got Crowded And Crazy I Had To Get Inside The Booth.. But That Gave Me A Great spot To Snap Pictures Of Him..

That's how Crazy It Was :P

They Have Small Competetions And There Will Be A Withdrawl , @AlMutawwaA Joined.. If You Win Always Remember I Snapped This Photo :p ..

You Should Check This Next Booth:

All Of The Showings In This Booth Were Hand Made.. They Give Training Courses On Whatever You Want To Make From The Tradiotonal Items.. And The Courses Length Depends On The Item You Choose, The Details In It And Good You Are In Creating It.. It Really Sounds Great..!
Phone number: 90091445 - 90091446

There's A Lot More Booths But Didn't Had The Time To Check Them All.. You Still Got The Chance To..

@P2BKuwaiti Is Held In Mishref Exhibition Hall #8