Monday, December 27, 2010

What A strange Feeling ;/ ...!!

I had a strange feeling today.. I had a headache so I decided to lay down for a while.. I Do that all the time take a QUICK nap and then I feel fine again.. But Today it wasn't the same at all..!
The strange thing was that when I closed my eyes I felt like the world was spinning round and round..!
I Felt like I'm spinning round and round literally..!!

And when  I open my eyes.. I was still in the same spot I was in... Weird to me cuz it's the first time I experience something like that.. But I tried to close my eyes again... And it's all the same..!

And that maid me think for a while.. Is that because I'm thinking a lot lately..?! or My mind is just spinning..?!
Or is it cuz I'll get sick soon and that's just the Beg. ..?!

Well to be honest I stopped thinking after that last question... Cuz i reached a point where i don't want to think anymore..! And I closed my Eyes and slept for a while.. well till mom waked me up to talk about something ;p ...!

I know you may ask yourself why is she sharing this... well as I said it was a strange thing to me and I felt like sharing.. and beside it's my blog so I can share what I want :P lool ..!!

PS: ( I'm fine now Al7emdallah :D ).


  1. Al7emdallah, maybe its a food thing; or water.

    or ur mind could just be tryin to break free of barriers and live "outside the box",

    eitherway, glad ur feelin better, keep on bloggin' :)

  2. Maybe... Thinkin' Alot.. Not Eatin' much.. could be a reason...
    And thanks for stepping :D
    and Inshallah i will keep bloggin' :D