Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just My Luck..!!!

Yeah ... As The Tittle Say.. " Just My Luck "...!
Trust Me I'm Not Going To Talk About Something Go0d Or Bad Happened To Me.. ;P It's Kinda Different Than That.. Well In A Way...

Most Of The People  Including Me.. Think That What We Get In Life Or Don't Is So Much More Related To Luck..! Yeah I Sometimes Think That Way To0.. But Let's Look A Little Deeper... It Has Nothing To Do With Luck..!!

I Mean Seriously.. It's True Some People Do Get Everything They Want.. Others May Not.. But We Can't Say It's Because They Are Lucky.. Why Not Say ... " It Was Meant For Them " ...!
Yes We Do FAll Down Sometimes.. We Don't Get What We Want.. But Some days Good Things Does Happen To Us..!!

If We Get All I Repeat All What We Want.. We Won't Be Able To Dream.. Or To Desire Things.. Or Even To do All Our Best To Get What We Want.. And Yes This Is Life..!

Yes We Feel Kinda Bad And Disappointed.. But What A Great Feeling You Have To Try Again And Make Your Wish Happen.. The Desire.. The Insistence Inside.. Will Lead You Back To The Right Track.. To Keep You Dreaming.. To Keep You Holding Into Life No Matter What..!

Yes I Don't Want To Have Everything.. But I Also Don't Want To Have Nothing.. It's The In Between That Will Satisfy You..! So Be Pleased With What You Have.. What You Got.. And What You Will Get...!

And Always Remember... " If It's Meant To Happen It Will Happen "... At Least You Have Some Things Other People Can't Have No matter How These Things Cost .. At Least You Got Food.. Place To Sleep.. And The Most Important Thing.. " Your Health "... It Worth Alot More Than You Can Imagine..!

It's Really Not About Something You Didn't Have.. It's About Finding Lots Of Reason To Be Happy With What You Already Have...

So Always Remember This " We Always Feel That Life Of Others Is Better Than Us.. But We Always Forget That We Are Also Others For Someone Else.. ! "

And Remember... You Always Ask God For What You Want.. Cuz You Just Might Get What You Want.. Or Get Something Better.. Or You Wait And Get The Best.. ( Only If God Want )...

At The End.. Say Al7mdallah 3ala Kel 7al For Everything... :D

PS: ( قلـــوب تريـــد.. ورب يشــــاء.. ويــــارب حقـــــق لقلوبــــــنا مــاتريد بمشيئتــــك ) ;) ...


  1. i think this is emphasised in the saying, "the journey is what matters, not the destination"

    if u are given everything u want, u will tire easily (i can relate and say its just like cheating in a game, sure you will finish it, but you will not feel good about it), working hard, having the efforts of ur labor pay off, that is the true reward.

    love the ending :)

  2. yeah Well Said.. :D
    So Happy You Loved It... :D