Thursday, December 30, 2010

GooDBye Year 2010....

Here We Are At The End Of The Year 2010.. Only One Day Left And We Will Be Welcoming A Whole New Year.... Wow We Will Scratch 2010 Out From Our Calenders.. Out Of Our Lives Forever..!
But  It Will Remain In The Events We Lived.. Photos We Took.. And Memories That Remains In The Heart..!

I Was About To Say That I Hated This Year... And I'm Glad It's Finally Over..!! And The Same Old Bla Bla Bla.....

But... After Having Second Thoughts I Tried To Remember The Good Times I Had This Year.. Cuz There Is Noway It Wasn't That Good At All.. And Yes I Had Fun This Year.. Maybe Not for Most Of It.. But I Did..!

And Why Should I Hate This Year.. I Actually Graduated From College Last Summer..Which Not Only Made Me Happy.. It Also Maid My Parents And My Whole Family Happy and Proud..! Wo0ow Great Graduation Year.. Got Tired.. Cried A Little.. Had A lot More Fun.. Got tough.. And Strong More Than Ever... Yeah It Was Hard.. But Eventually It paid Off..

And Yes Yes Yes.. I'm Done With The Tittle " STUDENT "... For Good..!! ( Except If I Decided To Continue My Higher Studies Well Not Now But someday I Might )... And I Would Love To Share Lots Of Great Memories.. With You.. But I Kinda Wanna Keep It For Me.. And Give You A Chance to Catch Up With your Own Memories.. I'm Sure You Will Find Something GREAT Happened To You This Year.....

" Another Year Is About To End.. Another Year Is About To Start..
For Those Who Made Me Cry With Every Painful Tear Thank You..
It Called Forgive & Forget..

For Those Who I Cared About And Left Me Hanging GOOD LUCK..!

For Those Who Hated Me.. Thanks You Made Me Stronger..

For Those Who Back Stabbed Me.. Thanks You Showed Me  How FAKE People Can Be...

For The Two Faced People I Met.. Well Still Can't Decide Which Face Is Real.. Mind Helping Me..?!

And Last For Those Who I Still Have and Love.. PlzZ Don't Ever Change.. Cuz I'll Always Love You..!! "


Before This Year Ends.. I Just Wanna Say Thanks To Everyone I Know.. Whether I Knew Them Before.. Or This Year.. Knowing You Guys Was A Great Gift.. And Before That I Thank God That You Are With Me Till This Moment..  And Sorry To Those I Hurt, Misgudged Or Misunderstood.. Sorry To Those I Lost.. PlzZ Forgive Me.. Hope It Makes You Feel Better To Know I Didn't Mean To Hurt You..!!

Thanks To All My Family And Friends Who Were BEside Me Though Good nd Bad Times.. Thanks For Putting Up With Me... I Know It Wasn't That Easy To Be Beside Me When I'm Totally Down..! But You All Stuck Around And Pushed Me Up.. Even With One Little Word.. The Thought Of You Being Here Next To Me Make Me A Lot Better..! 

So Thanks Thanks Thanks...... Love Ya All... Hope You Keep Supporting Me.. As I Will To0... o0 3asa Allah La Yfaregna :$...

PS: ( 3asahaa Tkon Senat 5air 3alaikom.. And Remember To Make A Wish.. And Think About What You Wanna Do The Next Year Inshallah.. Oooh Isn't Fantastic..  Today Is Thursday Last Work Day Of The Week,. Last Work Day In This Month.. And Last Work Day In This Year..!! So Happy New Year All...! :D )


  1. Happy New Year love;** and yes everyone should think about the brighter side and what made them happy ;)

  2. Happy New Year To You To0 :**
    Well Said... Always The Bright Side Makes A Lot Better...
    Thanks For The Comment And Steppind By... Hope It's not Your Last... ;)