Sunday, September 30, 2012

@TibaHospital 's bloggers night

Hello There..

I Was Invited Last Wednesday By @TaibaHospital To Attend A Friendly Bloggers Night At The
Regency Hotel..

I Liked The Friendly Atmosphere.. At First Mr. Rashed Alf'9ala The CEO Of Taiba Hospital Gave A Little Opening Speach Welcoming Us There..

Then Ms. Ghada Abdulkhaleq the social media executive to warm up the gathering by some mini questions.. 
And There Was A Question About " How Many Followers Does Taiba Hospital Account On Instagram have? "
And To Be Honest I Was Checking Thier Instagram Account At That Moment And answered Right :P !
And I Won a Prize:

It Was Fun..

And Then There Was A Game To Play And Win An IPhone5.. And The Game Was Kuwaiti Deal..!

Too Bad I Didn't Know How To Play It So I just Watched The Game And Learned Couple Things..
But I Took The Time While Bloggers Are Playing To Take Photos Around..

And At The End There Was A Withdraw On Few Prizes.. And Sis Won A Kuwaiti Deal.. Guess I'll Learn How To Play After All :D

Thanks A Lot Taiba Hospital For The Lovely Evening.. Had Fun..

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And On Instagram: Taibahospital


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keep Letting Me Down...


It's Been Really Long Time Since Writing.. Wrote Few Words This Morning Thought Of Sharing..

" I Have Faith In You.. I Have Faith In Me.. And I Have Faith In Us..

Hope And I Won't Ever Be Seperated.. But It's The Big Disappointments That's Underrated..

It's Hard To Give So Much And Have So Little Back In Return.. Though Giving Isn't The Problem But The Expectations Are..

I'm Always Aiming For The Best.. But Sometimes Settling For Better Is Far Best I Can Get..! "

Little Thoughts By,