Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes I Can Help..!

Hello World..

As Each Day In Our Lives Pass.. We Face Those Times When We Really Need A Little Help Around.. And How Happy We Become When That Reaching Hand Comes To Hold On To Us Against The Hardest..

" Why Cannot We Be That Reaching Hand For Others..?! "

I Really Get Surprised By How Some People Refuse To Help Others.. Even By Providing A Tiny Little Detail That Might Actually Help A lot..! It Surprise Me Cuz It's So Much " Na7asa " ..!

 Doesn't Accure To You That Someday, Somehow You Might Need This Person's Help..?!

Or Doesn't Even Accure To You That Helping Out Won't Make You Any Less Than Who You Really Are.. But Might Actually Add To You More..?!

If You Are Able To Help.. Then Why Can't You Just Help Out..?!

Helping Others Isn't Just Part Of Being Nice.. It's Also Part Of Being There For Others.. Part Of Giving..  We Don't Live Alone.. We Won't Live Alone Even If We Want To.. Because We Will Need Others.. And Others Will Need Us..

Let's Be Handful, Useful And Helpful.. To Prove Ourselves Out There.. Not Proving To Anyone In Specific But To Prove To Ourselves How Giving Can Be Returned Back.. And How Being Nice Is A Reward By Itself..

I Don't Want To Forget How Helping Has This Huge Positive Effect On You.. The Smile, The Hand Shake, The " Thank You " You'll Hear.. Is Really Worth The Amount Of Help You Gave Whether It's Small Or Big..

So Let's Say It Between Ourselves.. Or Say It Out Loud..

" I'm Here To Help.. Yes I Can Help.. I Would Always Help.. Whether I Like It Or Not.. I Promise To Be Helpful As Long As I Can.. "

Little Thoughts By Me,

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