Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello There..

I'm Not Really Sure If I Got The Chance To Erase All, Some Or Even Few Of My Mistakes.. That I Will Do Erase Them..!

We Seem Want To Erase Our Mistakes The Minute They Happen..

But After Giving It Time.. And Getting Over It.. Moving On.. You Realize That Mistake You Made Made You Learn.. That Mistake You Did Made You Wiser.. That Mistake You Did Was Nothing But An Act Of |The Person You Were..

Now You Are Who You Are Whether You Made So Many Or so Little Mistakes... You Are Who You Are Today And You Weren't That Perfect And You Will Never Be..

Making Mistake Isn't Avoidable.. But Avoiding Them Later Is.. Just Keep On Trying.. That's Why I May Wanna Erase Some Of My Mistakes.. And I May Really Not Want To.. But Guess What I Cannot.. What Other Choice Do I Have.. Ummmm.. NOTHING..!!

So... Let's Just Be Honest.. We Can't Erase Our Mistakes But We Can Let Them Go.. Maybe We Can't Forget Them But We Can Overcome Them ..!

Just Do Mistakes And Learn....

Little Thoughts By Me..


  1. Wow I like the way your words dress the idea some of us hold inside but you made it out and loud.
    It's true mistakes make us another person if we used them instead of abusing them.
    keep it up and write more ^_*

  2. Kinda agreed ... Learn from every single mistake & don't let regret take over (Y) loved the post .. keep it up

  3. BlackTulip so true dear..
    thanks a lot for having time to read my blog :D

  4. Hadi: thanks a lot for sharing ur thought :D