Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Never Realized That..?!!!

Hello There..

Lot Of Thoughts Crossing My Mind Lately.. And This Is One Of Them.. I Think I Learned A Lot Of Things During This Past Year.. Pretty Much About Everything.. And Specially About Myself..!

I Learned How Spoiled Brat I Can Be.. Seriously.. No I Don't Come From A Big Rich Family.. And No I Don't Have Everything I Want.. And No I'm Not Self-centered.. But Since I Came To The States.. I Realized How My Life Was Easy In Kuwait.. Waaaay Easier Than What It's Right Now..!!

I Had Everything I Need.. Plus I Never Had To Do Many Stuff That Named Simple But To Be Honest They Are Not.. Ok I Think I'm Exaggerate.. Well To Be Honest.. Cooking.. Dishes.. Laundry Are Always Hard For A Starter.. But As Days Move On And A Lot Of Practising It Gets Easy.. And Yeah I Don't Do Those Stuff Back Home.. Well Rarely.. But I Learned Thanks To Mom And Some Great Friends :D..

But Lets Overlook All What I Just Wrote.. And Look At A Completely Different Angle.. Let's Focus On HEALTH..!!

Health Is The True Bless Anyone Can Have.. I Spend Most Of My Time In The Hospital And I See Lots Of People With Different Diseases.. And There's Not So Many Things They Have In Common.. But They All Know A Lot About Pain & Patience..!

So Don't Realize This Later In Your Life.. If You Are Healthy Then You Have It All.. And Say Al7mdallah.. Because: '' The First Wealth Is Health " ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And To Everyone Who's Suffering.. I Wish You All Get Well Soom.. Ma2joren Inshallah..
3asa Allah Yshafi Mar'9a Almoslmen.. O yalhomhom al9aber..


  1. Ameen, allah yeshafihom inshallah..

    yah yah wallah wo gemna na6bkh wo nghsel mwa3een ba3ad ;P

  2. iyaa: Ameeeeeen Yarab :**
    eeh shftai shlooon :P

  3. trust me sweetheart we are all spoiled brats! i never did any of the things u've mentioned but when i got married i had no maid & still! im doing everything everyday & it's very hard but as u said it gets easier by day!

    allah yshafeehom ya rb o 5afef alamhom!

  4. swera: Exactly.. but it's good to learn and it's nice to take care of urself no need for someone to do those stuff for u..

    ameeen yaraaab