Friday, November 11, 2011

Through Bad Times..

Hello Again..

Have You Ever Thought About The Bad Times You've Been Through Before.. And How When It Happened You Felt Like Nothing Ever Could Get Worse Than This.. And It Just Won't Get Any Better..?!!

Think About It.. Think About How You Really Felt Back Then.. And Think About It Now.. What Is It Like..? How Do You Feel About It..?

Back Then You Were Down, Depressed And Couldn't Do Anything About It.. It Sure Took You Time To Get Used To It.. And A Lot Courage To Get It Through.. So Look At Yourself Now.. What Do You See..?

I'll Tell You What I See.. I See A Survivor..!! Yes You Sometimes Get Down.. But You Will Alwayss Get Up..

And Always Always Remember: " Things Get worse Before They Get Better..! ''

Al7mdallah 3ala Kel 7al..

Little Thoughts By Me..


  1. "It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better"

    el7mdella 3la kl 7al

  2. Hadi: Al7mdallah
    tough times never last but tough people do :D