Friday, November 11, 2011

'' 11-11-11 '' How Special Can It Be..?

Hello There..

Today Is Friday " 11-11-11 ''.. What A Match ..!!

It's Nice I Know.. And Has A Special Something Not Really Sure What It Is.. It's Just One Number Matched In A Day, Month, And A Year All Together At The Same Date..!

I Just Don't Understand All The Big Fuss Is All About.. Some People Will Get Married In This Day.. Mothers Will Try To Deliver Their Babies in This Day.. Lots Of Movies Will Be Released In This Day.. People Are Waiting For Something Special At This Day.. And The List Goes On And On.. Lots Of Things People Are Planning To Happen At This Date Which Make It Less Special Really..

Stop Planning And Waiting For A Special Date.. And Live Your Days They're All Special In Their Own Way.. And Trust Me Unplanned Things Have A Great Taste And Hold A Meaningful Memories When Happend..

Anyway I Do Love Number 11 So Kinda Ok With Today's Date :p..

Wish You All Happy Great Matched And Unmatched Dates.. Just Look Forward The Day Not It's Date..!

Little Thoughts By Me..


  1. kil 3am wentay ib khair

    love u and miss u!

  2. Fickle: O entai eb5air deer :***
    Love u more and miss u..
    wainch m5tafyaaa ?!!!!