Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Surprise For Bloggers By @FriedJunk..!!

Hello There..

I Remember Few Days Ago When @Fried_Junk Asked His Fellow Bloggers ( Including Me ) To Email Him Their Blog's Logo.. I Really Wondered Why.. But Today I Found Out Why..

He Interviewed The Owner Of " @soCopyrights "... You Can Read All About It: Here 

And You Can Check For SoCopyRights Samples: Here

Wish Her The Best Of Luck..

Anyway Back To The Bloggers Surprise That @Fried_Junk Was Holding Was This:

So If You Are One Of The Bloggers Who Sent Junky Their Logo.. Click Here And Just Zoom In And Look For Your Logo..!! This So Cool And Sweet.. Thanks A Lot Dear Friend Junky.. So Thoughtful Of You..

If You Wanna Check @Fried_Junk 's Blog You Can Click: Here

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