Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home I Miss You..!

Hello There..

I Miss Everything In A Place I Call Home.. I Miss Kuwait.. I Miss My Family.. I Miss My Friends.. I Miss My House.. I Miss My Room.. I Miss My Bed & Even My Pillow.. I Pretty Much Miss My Everything..!

I Do Really Miss Where I Truly Belong.. I Miss My Life.. It's True Not Perfect.. But I Still Want My Old Life Back..

Yeah Yeah I Still Talk To My Family & Friends.. It's Just Not The Same.. I Realize Now I Need Them And Want Them Closer To Me..

Every Time I See A Plane.. I Wish That It's The One Taking Me Home..

This Big Change Was Good.. Now I Really Appreciate Lots Of Things That I Have.. I Learned A Lot About Myself.. And Most Importantly I Now Appreciate Who I Am.. Who I Used To Be.. And Who I'll Be In A Lot Better As I Hope..

But I Still Wanna Go Home.. There's No Place Like Home.. Where You Can Be Truly Who You Are..

I Miss Everyone.. And Everything Back In Kuwait.. Hope I Get Back Soon..  " Allaah y3ez Alkuwait " ..

P.s: '' Home Is Where You Can Truly Be Who You Are.. And Away The True You Shines Through..!! "

Thoughts By Me..


  1. *HUGS* you will be back soon inshallah . And now i'm truly proud of realizing who you are for real . And appreciating everything you got here is the true message . inshallah you will be among us very soon

  2. trideenlina bilsalama inshallah =]

  3. iMaGiNaTiOn: Huuuuugs
    Thanks je3da wallah ur words made my day :$$

  4. Omar Yousef: inshallah yaaaraaaaab thaaanks omar :D

  5. Fickle : I Miss you moooooore entai waaainch ?!!! malch 7eees

  6. Hadi: Inshallaah yarab.. thaaanks wallah :D

  7. RuBY_GLooM: Miss You More Girl :**** <33