Thursday, April 4, 2013

Speak Up People ..!

Hello There..

Been Really Long Time Since I Last Expressed My Feelings Here In The Blog..

There Comes A Time In Your Life Where People Seems To Be Just Moving On.. Leaving You Alone.. Or Leaving You Behind..

Some Just Stop Contacting You, Others Just Seem Not To Care About You Anymore.. And It Makes You Wonder Why..?! And For Some Others You Are Doing This Same Exact Thing Whether You Truly Mean It Or Not..!

The True Problem Lies In The MISUNDERSTANDING Behind Our Communications.. As If We May Understand Other People's Actions In The Opposite Way That It Was Suppose To Mean...

Understanding And Avoiding Prejudgments.. With Giving The Effort To Ask And Get An Explanation.. Can Truly Lead Us To The Ideal Understanding..

Always Put Yourself In The Place Of Others Before Getting Into Final Conclusions.. Always Talk To Others And Get Their Perspective Before You End Up Wrong.. Or Losing People For Just Not Being Understanding.. And Remember " The Only Way To Be Heard Is To Actually Speak Up " ..

It Doesn't Need For You To Be Wise.. Or Smart.. It Just Need For You To Speak Up.. Then Listen.. And Of Course You Will End Up Understanding..

And Dear Friends It May Take Me Long Time To Speak Up.. But As It Always Said " Better Late Than Never "..

Little Thoughts By Me,

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