Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Time in KUWAIT... 64 GB Sandisk Mobile Ultra (Memory Card) LIMITED Stock!

Hello There..

First Time In KUWAIT!

Sandisk Mobile Ultra (Memory Card) in the size of
64 GB!
Brought to you from the original store.
Ideal for Android's smart phones and Tablets
*Android app included
* Easy File Management
*Backup Protection
*Fast Access
*Supports advanced photo and video capture plus faster app performance.

All that for 20 KD ONLY
Delivered to your doorstep NO DELIVERY CHARGE
Limited Stock hurry up before it runs out!

Call: 66664104

Sorry I Can't Help..!

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Ever Wondered What Is It Like Wanting To Help Someone But You Can't..!

Been Through So Many Situations Were I Wanted To Help Others As Much As I Can.. Go As Far As I Can Go.. Do Whatever It Takes.. But As Closer I Get From Getting The Help They Need.. I Get Stuck In Prestep Not Because That I Want You..

But Because I Cant Go On..!

The Reason Behind That Isn't Me.. It's Either Someone, Something Or just Nothing At all..!

Guess Me Being Beside A Friend In A Bad Time Somehow Is Enough.. And Whatever & Whenever I Could I'll Offer The Help I Can.. And Help Them.. But When I Can't Those Friends Should Always Know That I Did The Best I Could..!

Little Thought By,

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Any Idea If We Have Bad Customer Service In Kuwait?

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