Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sorry I Can't Help..!

Hello Again...

Ever Wondered What Is It Like Wanting To Help Someone But You Can't..!

Been Through So Many Situations Were I Wanted To Help Others As Much As I Can.. Go As Far As I Can Go.. Do Whatever It Takes.. But As Closer I Get From Getting The Help They Need.. I Get Stuck In Prestep Not Because That I Want You..

But Because I Cant Go On..!

The Reason Behind That Isn't Me.. It's Either Someone, Something Or just Nothing At all..!

Guess Me Being Beside A Friend In A Bad Time Somehow Is Enough.. And Whatever & Whenever I Could I'll Offer The Help I Can.. And Help Them.. But When I Can't Those Friends Should Always Know That I Did The Best I Could..!

Little Thought By,

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