Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will I Be Missed..?!

Hello There..

It's Now The Time To Leave.. And Say Goodbye To My Beloved Ones..
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye.. But I Have To Go..
It's The Time To Let Go.. Not Forever But For A While..
Gonna Miss You All.. Like Really Really Gonna Miss You :( ..

In Few Hours I'll Leave Kuwait And God Knows How Hard This Is For Me.. But It's Ok For Some Reasons I Have To Leave and Inshallah I Get Back With A Great News.. Please Don't Forget Me And My Family In Your Prayers.. To All My Family And Friends Gonna Miss You A Lot ..

I'll Try To Stay In Touch And Maybe To Post.. Either Way I'll Do My Best..
So For Now It's Goodbye.. And Inshallah You Gonna Hear From Me Soon..

It Was About Time To " Crush !t "..!

Hello There..

On " 25-10-2011 '' K-town Was On A Date To Be Crushed By The Amazing " Gary Vaynerchuck ".. Wanna Know Who's Gary Well:

" Gary Vaynerchuck Is One Of Those Enterpereneurs Who Has Discovered The Secret Of Combining Passion With Business. He Is Always An Inspiration And Always Entertaining.You Owe It To Yourself To Read This Book..! " ~Tony Hsieh

And The Book Mentioned By Tony Is...

The Day First Started With Bloggers Private Meet Up With Gary.. Who Spoke Briefly About How To Crush Your Passion.. And How He Did it Along The Years.. And Ofcourse There Was An Q/A Session Were Bloggers Asked Few Questions And Gary Was Happy To Answer And Spell All The Knowledge He Have..

And At Almost 5:30pm I Was There In " Salwa Sabah Al-Ahmad '' Ball Room Where The Official Seminar Will Take Place.. I Was Overwhelmed By The Number Of People Who Will Attend This Seminar.. And Why Is That Cuz It's An Opportunity Of A Life Time To Meet Gary And Listen To Few Tactics That Will Help In Your Business.. Or In Your Company..

It Was Actually So Friendly Cuz I Already Met Gary In The Morning And I Met Few Of My Fellow Bloggers Who I Met Before And Others For The First Time.. ( Hey Guys Nice Meeting You All ).. And Ofcourse Cuz The Greatest 2 Crushers In K-town @KhalidAlzanki & @HindAlnahe'9 Were Doing All Their Best To Make Everyone Comfortable And To Make The Seminar Go As Planned.. ( Thanks Guys )

And I Really Learned Lots Of Things From Gary.. But I'll Write Few Things:

" Social Media Is On Top Of Traditional Media "

" It's About Time To Start Humanizing Logos ''

'' Thank You Department Is A Nice Idea That Helps To Improve The Service You Are Providing By Checking About Your Customers And Sending Small Little Gifts To Say Thank You And To Show That You Really Care ''

'' If You Don't Provide Value For Your Customers You Don't Deserve to Be In Business ! ''

'' Sometimes You Can Promote For Your Product Or Service By Searching For The Potential Customers And Reach Them Through Ads.. ''

'' If You Hate your Job Don't Quit.. Just Do What You Love In Your Free Time.. Use One Hour Of Your Sleeping Time And Work On Your Business Specialy Through The Social Network ''

'' Also Concentrate On The Search Engine In Twitter To Keep Up With People Who Mention Your Product Or Service ''

'' Always Reply On Negative Comments Address Them And Clear Your Name Only If It's True Please :P ''

" You Can Stop Paying For Traditional Adz And Billboards And Start Hiring People Who Really Care About Your Business And Help You Through The Social Network ''

'' We Should Start Using Social Media Before It Become Common And Over Used ''

Special Thanks To Gary.. Khalid Alzanki And Hind Alnahe'9.. Sponsers Of Crush it Seminar.. And Everyone Behind The Great Crushing Event..!! You All Did An Amazing Job..

And To All My Fellow Bloggers It Was Nice Meeting You There.. Hope to See You All Again And So Soon..

Sorry For Posting This Too Late I Was Kinda Busy.. And Thanks For Masktales & 7abitain For The Pics :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

This So Far The Craziest Game Show Ever..!!

Hello There..

I Received This Video Via BBM.. And This Is My First Time To See This Game Show.. And It's Really The Craziest So Far.. I Can't Believe The Crazy Things They Come Up With..!!

Check It Out..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things Like This Keep You Going..!

Hello World..

When You Recieve A Good Comment, Or A Compliment.. Or A Few Good Nice Words About Something You Did Or Said.. It Just Makes You Feel Good.. Well Even Bad Ones Has The Same Effect But In Another Way..

Good Words Keeps You Going.. Bad Ones Let You Think And Fix The Weakest Points You Have But Never Let You Down.. You Shouldn't Let Them Get To You But You Should Let Them Get You Going..

Anyway I Always Recieve Great Comments And Sweet Words About What I Write.. And I Thank Everyone Who Made The Effort And Shared Them With Me Wheather Here In My Blog Or Somewhere Else..

I Don't Wanna Mention Names.. But You Guys Know Who You Are.. And Your Words Does Encourage Me To Keep On Writing And Never Give Up.. Thank You Very Much I Know It's Never Enough To Just Thank You.. But I'll Repay You By Keep On Writing No Matter What..

Anyway The Other Day I Recieved A Nice Email.. I Swear I Was About To Cry.. It Really Feels Good To Know That Your Words Touched Someone else's Feelings.. It Actually Feels Good To Know That People Do Read.. And I'll Share That Email With You..

So Dear Fatma Thanks For Your Email.. You Really Encouraged Me To Write More And More.. And As I Told You I Would Love To Read Your Writings.. Losing Words While Writing Does Sucks But Give Yourself Break And Then Try To Get Back To Writing.. Just NEVER Stop.. 

If You Want To Read That Poem: "  If Only.. "

Thank You Everyone For Believing In Me.. And Giving Me Time To Improve Myself In Something I'm So Passionate About.. Thanks A Lot I So Appreciate You Being In My Life..

Let's Support And Get Supported :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chris Daughtry & Crawling Back To You..!

Hello There..

I Was Listening To Chris Daughtry Music When I Found This Video " The Making Of Crawling Back To You ".. Check It Out..

And Here's The Full Music " Sound "..  The Video Not Yet Released.. Enjoy..

What I Do When I Miss You..?!!

Hello There..

Dunno How The Title Is Related But That What Crossed On My Mind..

But Anyway..

You Know How When You Get Closer With Few People.. And By Time You Become Friends.. And As The Days Pass By Your Friendship Or Let's Just Say Your Relationship ( In General ) With Them Get Stronger Or Weaker.. And This Depends On Lots Of Things..

Well.. I'm Not Gonna Talk About That.. But I'll Get To The Point I Promise.. The Thing Is.. " Have You Ever Thought About Testing Them..?! ''

You Know To Have That Solid Prove That They Care About You Or Not.. And To Realize You Are Important To Them..!! Have You Ever Thought About That..?!!

It's A Great Idea At The Moment.. But Don't You Thing Testing People Is Kinda Unacceptable.. Why You Create A Test Of Your Own.. When You Can Both Test Each Other In Real Life And In Real Situations.. And You Never Know A Real Friend Only By Time.. Why Rush it Now..?! And Who Ever Told You That Your Tests Are Dependable And Reliable.. You Might Be Able To Control The EXPERIMENT But Never The OUTCOME..!

And What Get Me Mad Is When People Stay Away For A While Without Saying A Word.. And Wait For Someone To Ask About Them As A Test Of Course.. Well You Can't Test When I'm Gonna Miss You.. Or How Do I Care About You..!! This Is Just A Waste Of Time.. You Just Lost The Possible Time To Spend It With Those People.. And Why You Do That When This Whole Test Put Your Friendship On A Risk To Lose It..!

As For Me I'd Rather Never Test The People Around Me.. There Will Be A Time When True Friends Arise  From Fake Ones.. There Will Be A Time When I Figure Out Who Does Really Care About Me And Who Doesn't.. I Don't Need Tests I Need Time.. I'll Take It Slow To See What's Inside You.. As For Now.. I Enjoy Being Your Friend..!

Cuz No One Knows Who's The First To Go.. Me.. Them.. Or Our Friendship.. Just Don't Risk It..!

Little Thoughts By Me..

You Still Have Time To " GIVE "..

Hello There..

Remember When I Wrote About The NBK Cancer Kids Party Read : Here

Well The Idea Was Having A Party For Them Every Month.. And The Second Party Will Be On Monday 31-10-2011.. It's Kinda Early Cuz Of Eid Ala'97a..

So You Still Have The Chance To Make Kids Happy.. And Participate By A Gift Or By Your Time.. Any Little Thing You Give.. Means A Lot To Them.. To Us.. And To You..!

You Can Still Make A Difference.. And You Can Still Give..

For Gifts Donation Dilever Them To @tulipiassense In Al-Tilal Complex Tel : 66 32 32 77

For Any Question And More Info About It You Can Contact My Dear Friend: Q8Rain  Or By Her Twitter Account: @Q8Rain

Dear Followers.. Readers & Whoever..!

Hello Everyone..

This Post Is For You Guys.. I've Been So Freakin' Busy Lately.. That's Why I Don't Post A Lot.. And Tweet Less Than I Normally Do.. Well There's Few Changes Going On In My Life.. And To Be Honest I'm So Excited To Face Them..

But I'm Doing My Best To Keep My Blog And Tweets Alive.. Cuz I Love Writing So I Will Never Ever Stop.. That's Why I'm Writing This For You Guys.. I So Appreciate You Being Around.. And Being Patient With Me.. I Know I Sometimes Nag About Life And The Things I Face.. But Who Doesn't..?! But I'm Trying To Nag Less And Be More Optimistic About Life..

Anyway Thanks Again For Being Around.. You Guys Are The Best :**

So I'm A Girl Who's Ready To Change.. But I Won't Get Far From Who I Am..!

Best Regards..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

" Little Moments " ..

Hello There...

This Is My Song For Today..
Really Country Music Makes You Wanna Fall In Love.. <33

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

@ZainKuwait In Pink..

Hello There..

I Posted Earlier This Month About Breast Cancer: '' When Pink Is Not Just A Color..! '' , This Is Not Just For Awareness As Much As It Is For Saving Lives..

I'm So Glad That @ZainKuwait Took The Chance And Spread The Awareness Through Touching Simple Campaign...

Not Only That But @ZainKuwait 's Building Is Now In Pink.. Check It Out..

Thank You ZainKuwait For This You Sure Try To Make A Difference Wish You All The Best..
And Guys You Still Can Make A Difference In Other People's Lives.. Let's Help Spread The Word About Breast Cancer.. And Any Other Diseases I'm Sure There Is Prevention Before Cure..

Be Safe :D

Site: Here
Facebook Page : Here
Twitter: @ZainKuwait

Monday, October 17, 2011

Airplane Lands On A Truck..!!!

Hello There..

I Was Amazed When I First Saw This Video.. And Thought Wow This Guy Is A Hero.. And The Story Was On The News So Yeah I Kinda Believed It..!!!

Then While Searching I Got This Video.. And Realized It Was An Tv Ad.. Way To Go Nissan :D
Enjoy :p

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thanks @Q8iyadownunder

Hello There...

I Recently Started To Know Such A Sweet Girl @q8iyadownunder .. And She Did Such A Sweet Cute Thing For Her Favourite Kuwaiti Blogs.. And It Shocked Me My Name Is There :$ .. Thaaaanks A Lot Girl :** ..

Check It Out..

So Glad I Got The Chance To Know You.. Hope It's The Start Of A Great Long New Friendship :**

You Can Also Check Out Her Amazing Blog : Here

Song Of The Day..

Hello There..

This Is The Song Of The Day.. I So Love It.. Been Listening To It A Lot For The Past 3 Days :D

When Parents Don't Count Their Kid's Reaction..!!

Hello There..

Remember This Video Of Cute Little Girl Got A Surprise Trip To Disney Land For Her Birthday.. Check It Out..

Well It Looks Like To Some Kids A Surprise Trip To Disney Land Isn't That Cool.. And Just Doesn't Wanna Go :P !!

What Kind Of A Friend Are You..?!

Hello There...

Have You Ever Asked Youself  " What Kind Of A Friend I Am..?! " ..

So Here I Am Asking You.. What Kind Of A Friend I Am To You..? Why We Are Friends..?! What Brought Us Together..?!

Is It : The Way I Think..? Am I Fun To Be Around..? How Do I Look..? What I Wear..? Where I Live..? Are There Other Standards For Being Your Friend..?! Do I Even Match Those Standards..?!

It's True That Most People Gonna Tell You It's YOU Who We Care About Nothing Else.. But We Become Friends With Other People By So Many Reasons.. Sometimes We Just Can't Tell Why.. Sometiems We Do Know Why.. Other Times We Just Don't Wanna Admit Why..!!

They Say Your Friends Are The Mirror That Reflect You.. So Some Of Your Friends Might Be Just Like You.. Or Might Be The Complete Opposite But Reflect A Part Of Your Personality.. Or You Just Like Those People Big Enough To Let Them Fit In Your Life And Just Be Close To Them..!

We Sure Have Those Different Friends Who You Usually Don't Be Friends With.. But This Difference Bring You More Together Than Apart.. Think For A Sec. Do You Have That Friend..? Someone You Never Thought Will Ever Be Friends With.. Someone Just Don't Fit Your Standards...

If You Do, Then You Are Open Up To Be Friends With Almost Everyone Because All You Care About Is A Good Person To Hang And Spend Time With.. Accepting Everyone With Their Differences.. Whether They Have Different Ideas, Believes, Lifestyles Or Maybe They Are Just Different In Unexplained Way.. Is Totally Worth The Effort You Gonna Spend..

And If You Don't Have That Different Friend.. You Might Wanna Stop Having Those Boundries In Your Friendship Zone.. You Never Know When A Good Friend Is Around.. So Don't Limit That World.. And Start By Being Flexable..

Little Thoughts By Me..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Lose 2000 Calories..!!

Hello There..

This Is The Best Way To Burn 2000 Calories  In Less Than A Minute :P

One Of My Friends Sent This Video Of An Commercial Ad.. It Was Funny So Loved The Creative Idea Behind It.. Enjoy :P

Guess Clubs Need Those Kinda Thing To Keep Us Work Out :P

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It All Started With " GIVE "

Hello There...

It All Started With The Word " Give ".. We Sure Take A Lot From Our Community It's About Time To Give Back..! And This Thought Brought This Amazing Idea To My Dear Friend Q8Rain To Start Blogger's Campaign And Call It " Give " ( Read Here )  .. Which Is Basically About Bloggers Donating Gifts, Money, Time And Whatever They Can For Others.. And The First Target Was Kids With Cancer At NBK Hospital.. Surprisingly Not Only Bloggers Participated.. Many People And Buisness Did.. This Isn't Charity As Much As It Was Giving..!

There Were Other Activities For The Kids:

The Magician :

Thanks For @Tulipiassense For The Flowers:

Thanks For Pick-yo For The Frozen Yogurt

There Was A Small Visit For The Kids Upstairs Who Couldn't Make It To The Party.. To Be Honest I Couldn't Be Part Of It Cuz Some Of Us Had To Be Downstairs With Other Kids And Cotrol Everything But My Fellow Bloggers Who Did Covered It Well.. ( I'll Provide Links Inshallah At The end Of This Post )..

After We Were Done We All Headed Upstairs.. To Look Around And Gather.. I Went To The Kids Play Room And Loved It Really Reflect A Happy Place...

And Look Who I Found There Playing.. Little Baby " Hajar " 11 Months Old.. So Cute And Adorable ( Allah yshafeha )

A Sweet Thank You Note For Us From " KACCH " Team.. Thanks Alot To0 For Making It Happen :D

We Saw This And We All Were Tempted To Paint Something Nice For The Kids :D

As Always I Leave Early But Managed To Do Something Simple For The Kids :**

( Thanks For Dudette From 7ajidude For The Last Two Photos Hope You Don't Mind :* ) 

And Finally The Girls Put Their Drawings On The Window

It Was Really A Happy Day Full Of Smiles And Tears.. Giving From The Heart Out.. And It Won't Be This Day Only Cuz Inshallah It Will Be EVERY Month.. As Long As We Can.. So If You Didn't Have The Chance To This Time You Will Next Month ( Inshallah )

Special Thanks For Everyone Behind This Party.. Thank You Q8Rain & Iyaa-blog For Giving Us The Opportunity To GIVE.. ( Thanks Iyaa For The Photos You Are A Big Help :*** )

And Big Thank You For Everyone Who Made It That Day And Gave The Kids Part Of His/Her Time: Pinkgirlq8 , Blog37 , MoodyNCheeky , Omarker , Bloglaish , 7ajidude , Triplesisters And Meenakon It Was Nice Meeting You All :D..

And For My New Friend " Wajad " Who Volunteered To Be With Us.. Nice To Meet You Such A Sweet Heart :**

And Thanks For : Express Food, Tulipias Sense , WeLoveKuwait , Q8printer ( For The Tees ) , Little Joy Shop , Solopn  , Pick-yo And Esa Husain Al-Yousifi 

And Of Course Thanks For Everyone Who Donated And Helped To Make This Bright Day For The Kids.. Looking forward New Happy Days For Them..

God Bless You All..

For More Coverage You Can Read Here:

7ajidude : Here
MoodyNCheeky : Here
Omarker: Here 
TripleSisters : Here 
Iyaa-Blog : Here
Meenakon :  Here