Monday, October 3, 2011

When PINK Is Not Just A Color..!

Hello There..

It's October The Month That Dress Up All In Pink.. A Girly Color I Know But With A Meaningful Cause.. October Is Breast Cancer Awarness Month ( BCAM ) Is An Annual International Health Campaign Organized By Major Breast Cancer Charities Every October To Increase Awareness Of This Disease And Raise Funds For Research Into It's Cause. Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment And Cure The Campaign Also Offers Information And Support To Those Affected By Breast Cancer. [Source]

They Say The Best Cure For Breast Cancer Is Early Diagnosis.. So Don't Underestimate This Little Evil Monster That Eats You From Within.. You Are Important Not Only For Us.. But For Yourself.. Do Check Ups Every Once And A While.. It's True " Prevention Is Better Than Cure '' .. You Can Check It Alone At Home  ( Check Here ) Or By Your Doctor.. Make Sure It's Every Month Once You Turn 20..

And For Those Who Have It I Say " The Most Important In Illness In Never To Lose Heart..! '' ~ Nikolai Lenin.. And Never Ever Give Up.. You Are A Fighter..

And Men Should Also Make Those Check Ups Cuz :

And It's Great When People Do Simple Things Just To Spread The Awarness Such As Famous Places Turns Pink..

And This Pic Was Taken By My Fellow Blogger FroyoNation : [ Here ]

Together We Can Make A Difference.. Together We Will Go Through This.. Keep On Fighting Don't Give Up On Your Body.. Yourself.. And Your Life..


  1. Together We Can Make A Difference =D

  2. allah yab3edna ajma3een min hal marath oo allah yashfee el kel yarab..
    go pink :)

  3. Butterfly Chick: Ameeeen yaraaab :D