Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Kind Of A Friend Are You..?!

Hello There...

Have You Ever Asked Youself  " What Kind Of A Friend I Am..?! " ..

So Here I Am Asking You.. What Kind Of A Friend I Am To You..? Why We Are Friends..?! What Brought Us Together..?!

Is It : The Way I Think..? Am I Fun To Be Around..? How Do I Look..? What I Wear..? Where I Live..? Are There Other Standards For Being Your Friend..?! Do I Even Match Those Standards..?!

It's True That Most People Gonna Tell You It's YOU Who We Care About Nothing Else.. But We Become Friends With Other People By So Many Reasons.. Sometimes We Just Can't Tell Why.. Sometiems We Do Know Why.. Other Times We Just Don't Wanna Admit Why..!!

They Say Your Friends Are The Mirror That Reflect You.. So Some Of Your Friends Might Be Just Like You.. Or Might Be The Complete Opposite But Reflect A Part Of Your Personality.. Or You Just Like Those People Big Enough To Let Them Fit In Your Life And Just Be Close To Them..!

We Sure Have Those Different Friends Who You Usually Don't Be Friends With.. But This Difference Bring You More Together Than Apart.. Think For A Sec. Do You Have That Friend..? Someone You Never Thought Will Ever Be Friends With.. Someone Just Don't Fit Your Standards...

If You Do, Then You Are Open Up To Be Friends With Almost Everyone Because All You Care About Is A Good Person To Hang And Spend Time With.. Accepting Everyone With Their Differences.. Whether They Have Different Ideas, Believes, Lifestyles Or Maybe They Are Just Different In Unexplained Way.. Is Totally Worth The Effort You Gonna Spend..

And If You Don't Have That Different Friend.. You Might Wanna Stop Having Those Boundries In Your Friendship Zone.. You Never Know When A Good Friend Is Around.. So Don't Limit That World.. And Start By Being Flexable..

Little Thoughts By Me..


  1. Have You Ever Asked Youself " What Kind Of A Friend I Am..?! " -- that's everyday dilemma !!
    Loved the post & totally agree ... sometimes minimum mutual interests + a lot to give & trust = friendship

  2. Hadi: Exactly.. Anyone Can Be Your Friend :D And you can be a friend to anyone :D