Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It All Started With " GIVE "

Hello There...

It All Started With The Word " Give ".. We Sure Take A Lot From Our Community It's About Time To Give Back..! And This Thought Brought This Amazing Idea To My Dear Friend Q8Rain To Start Blogger's Campaign And Call It " Give " ( Read Here )  .. Which Is Basically About Bloggers Donating Gifts, Money, Time And Whatever They Can For Others.. And The First Target Was Kids With Cancer At NBK Hospital.. Surprisingly Not Only Bloggers Participated.. Many People And Buisness Did.. This Isn't Charity As Much As It Was Giving..!

There Were Other Activities For The Kids:

The Magician :

Thanks For @Tulipiassense For The Flowers:

Thanks For Pick-yo For The Frozen Yogurt

There Was A Small Visit For The Kids Upstairs Who Couldn't Make It To The Party.. To Be Honest I Couldn't Be Part Of It Cuz Some Of Us Had To Be Downstairs With Other Kids And Cotrol Everything But My Fellow Bloggers Who Did Covered It Well.. ( I'll Provide Links Inshallah At The end Of This Post )..

After We Were Done We All Headed Upstairs.. To Look Around And Gather.. I Went To The Kids Play Room And Loved It Really Reflect A Happy Place...

And Look Who I Found There Playing.. Little Baby " Hajar " 11 Months Old.. So Cute And Adorable ( Allah yshafeha )

A Sweet Thank You Note For Us From " KACCH " Team.. Thanks Alot To0 For Making It Happen :D

We Saw This And We All Were Tempted To Paint Something Nice For The Kids :D

As Always I Leave Early But Managed To Do Something Simple For The Kids :**

( Thanks For Dudette From 7ajidude For The Last Two Photos Hope You Don't Mind :* ) 

And Finally The Girls Put Their Drawings On The Window

It Was Really A Happy Day Full Of Smiles And Tears.. Giving From The Heart Out.. And It Won't Be This Day Only Cuz Inshallah It Will Be EVERY Month.. As Long As We Can.. So If You Didn't Have The Chance To This Time You Will Next Month ( Inshallah )

Special Thanks For Everyone Behind This Party.. Thank You Q8Rain & Iyaa-blog For Giving Us The Opportunity To GIVE.. ( Thanks Iyaa For The Photos You Are A Big Help :*** )

And Big Thank You For Everyone Who Made It That Day And Gave The Kids Part Of His/Her Time: Pinkgirlq8 , Blog37 , MoodyNCheeky , Omarker , Bloglaish , 7ajidude , Triplesisters And Meenakon It Was Nice Meeting You All :D..

And For My New Friend " Wajad " Who Volunteered To Be With Us.. Nice To Meet You Such A Sweet Heart :**

And Thanks For : Express Food, Tulipias Sense , WeLoveKuwait , Q8printer ( For The Tees ) , Little Joy Shop , Solopn  , Pick-yo And Esa Husain Al-Yousifi 

And Of Course Thanks For Everyone Who Donated And Helped To Make This Bright Day For The Kids.. Looking forward New Happy Days For Them..

God Bless You All..

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  1. gwakom allah , I wish I was there

  2. iMaGiNaTiOn: Allaaah ygaweek dear :D
    Inshallaaah next month you will be with us bs tred blsalamaa :D

  3. LOVED IT LOVED ITTTTTTT ya36ekom alf 3afyaaa o 3asakom 3al gowwaaa ... i really wanted to come bas its ok ... kafaitaw o wafaitaw :)

  4. RED_SONJA_Q8 : Awwww Girl love u :**
    Inshallah Next Time You'll join Us :D Would Be Fun :D

  5. Ya36ekom el3afya and why wasn't I invited :@ I love good deeds!!

  6. amazing work all wayaa =") love q8rain a person with a big white heart

  7. Fickle : Allaah y3afeech 7bebti :***
    It Wasn't An Event To Get Invited.. alkel te6awa3 bwagta o yeah
    Inshalaah feh every month hope to see you there :D

  8. Shesalfah: Thaaanks :*** Yupp She's A Great Girl So Creative And Sweet Heart God Bless Her For This Chance To Make Kids Happy:D

  9. Y36ekom el.3afya tremendous job .. I wish I knew about it .. Allah y36ekom 3la gd neyyatkom o Allah yshfe jame3'9a ya rb

  10. Hadi : Allaaah y3afeek :D, And There Will Be Every month hope you can make it next party :D..
    Allah yshafei aljamee3 :D