Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things Like This Keep You Going..!

Hello World..

When You Recieve A Good Comment, Or A Compliment.. Or A Few Good Nice Words About Something You Did Or Said.. It Just Makes You Feel Good.. Well Even Bad Ones Has The Same Effect But In Another Way..

Good Words Keeps You Going.. Bad Ones Let You Think And Fix The Weakest Points You Have But Never Let You Down.. You Shouldn't Let Them Get To You But You Should Let Them Get You Going..

Anyway I Always Recieve Great Comments And Sweet Words About What I Write.. And I Thank Everyone Who Made The Effort And Shared Them With Me Wheather Here In My Blog Or Somewhere Else..

I Don't Wanna Mention Names.. But You Guys Know Who You Are.. And Your Words Does Encourage Me To Keep On Writing And Never Give Up.. Thank You Very Much I Know It's Never Enough To Just Thank You.. But I'll Repay You By Keep On Writing No Matter What..

Anyway The Other Day I Recieved A Nice Email.. I Swear I Was About To Cry.. It Really Feels Good To Know That Your Words Touched Someone else's Feelings.. It Actually Feels Good To Know That People Do Read.. And I'll Share That Email With You..

So Dear Fatma Thanks For Your Email.. You Really Encouraged Me To Write More And More.. And As I Told You I Would Love To Read Your Writings.. Losing Words While Writing Does Sucks But Give Yourself Break And Then Try To Get Back To Writing.. Just NEVER Stop.. 

If You Want To Read That Poem: "  If Only.. "

Thank You Everyone For Believing In Me.. And Giving Me Time To Improve Myself In Something I'm So Passionate About.. Thanks A Lot I So Appreciate You Being In My Life..

Let's Support And Get Supported :D


  1. I just read that poem and it is so beautiful.

    keep writing :).

  2. Aww that was so sweet of her. You deserve all the best Beroo and you should know that. keep doing what you do. you keep us all inspired. Hell, whenever I want good music I turn to this blog!!
    Sweet girls deserves sweet words. n_n ;**

  3. ♥●• İzdiher •●♥: Thanks Dear I'll Keep On Writing Inshallah :D

  4. zwrites: 7abebti Esperi :*** wallah I wouldn't do anything without you guys..
    And A special Thanks to you esperi you really helped my get my passion back :D

  5. Hadi: Inshallah I will.. Without you wouldn't Do it :D