Monday, February 21, 2011

Something To Remember.....

This Is Something To Remember.. How Can We Forget Such A Day.. A Day.. When Our Country Got Invaded.. A Day.. We Lost Our Rights To Be Kuwaitis.. A Day.. When Our Rights As Humans Were Taken..
It's " 2-8-1990 "... Yes We Will Never Forget what Happened.. The Wound Yet Didn't Heal.. Yes We Do Celebrate Every Year.. We Celebrate Kuwait's Liberation Day.. Along with Independence Day.. So We Will Never Forget.. Sadam Hussain Invasion..

But When I Wrote.. " Something To Remember " As A Title.. I Didn't Meant That.. I Meant.. We Need To Remember Why Are We Celebrating..!! Maybe 20 Years Helped Us To Forget What's Like To Live 7 Months In Fear.. My Family Was In Kuwait During The Whole Thing.. Maybe I Don't Remember I Was Just 2 Years Old , But I Heard A lot Of Stories..

Any Way That's Not The Point.. I Found A Video On Youtube.. About A Kuwaiti Family During The Iraqi Invasion.. What Touched My Heart Was The Second Part.. The Moments Of Liberation.. This Is What I Meant About Something to Rememeber..

You Can See Everyone Is Happy.. The Injustice Is Gone.. Everyone Can Go Out.. With No Fear.. It's Freedom Again.. A Happiness That Finally Their Life Will Be Back Again.. Just Remember This Feeling.. Cuz As I Can See.. Some Forgot That Feeling...

Thanks To " Tahani Alayob " Who Recorded This video.. And Thanks To Who Upload It....
Hope You Like It... :D

Ps: ( Yes We May Forgive.. But We will Never FORGET..! )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

After Breaking Down..!

Sometimes We Cry.. When We Are Hopeless..
Sometimes We Cry.. When We Are Sad..
Sometimes We Cry.. When We Are In Pain..
Sometimes We Cry.. When We Are Helpless..
Sometimes We Cry.. For A Whole Different Reasons.....!!

You Are Aware Of How Strong You Are Until The Moment You Break Down.. I Assure You It's Ok..
It's Ok To Be Down After You've Been Up..! You Are Just As Strong As you Are Even When Breaking Through.. It's just When You Break Down, You Just Needed That Moment Of Weakness To Lay Down That Heavy Weight You Carried Along The Way..!

That Pain In The Heart You feel After Crying Or Breaking Down..Is Making You Heart Stronger Each Time ( Or As I Believe It Does..!) It's Just After That Weakness Moment And Hopeless Painful Break-down.. You Start To Rebuild Your Steps For Getting Up Again..!

So We May Have Different Reasons To Break-Down.. But We All Have One Guaranteed Step  After : "Is That WE Will Rise Up Again...! "

Ps:( Always Be That Sun.. That Shine After Long Dark Cold Night..! )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Man Worth To Know..!!

My Friend Put A Pic Of A Guy On Her BBM.. And When I Asked Her Who Is He.. She Told Me He Is Nick Vujicic & Search On Youtube.. Hed Had A Lecture At Guest University In Kuwait .. As Far As I Know It Was A Great Lecture..

Any Way I Did Go Through Youtube.. And I Saw One Video.. And I Moved To Tears.. He Really Inspired Me.. For Being Strong.. Optimistic.. And Happy with All What He Have.. Despite What He Haven't..!!
He Is A Man worth To Meet.. He Is So Full Of Life.. I wish I Knew About This Lecture.. So I Can Atleast Listen To Him.. The Past Two Days I Was Kinda Down.. But After I Saw Him.. I Felt I'm Down For Nothing..

So To Know Nick Vujicic By Words : Nicholas James Vujicic (born 4 December 1982) is a preacher and motivational speaker who was born without arms or legs due to a rare disorder known as Tetra-amelia. He struggled throughout his childhood to come to terms with his disability, and at seventeen started his own non-profit organization Life Without Limbs. After graduating from university, Vujicic began his travels as a motivational speaker. At present, he regularly gives speeches on subjects such as disability, hope, and finding meaning in life. (wikipedia)

But To Know Him For Real You Gotta See This :

P.s: ( I didnt Get The Chance To Meet Him.. But I'm So Thankful To Know how Inspiring He Is.. And How Is So Wise And Able To Spread It All Around The world... THank You Nick for Being Thankful..! )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saturday Night Live 2011 Surprise..!!

You Know About " The Social Network " Movie.. Which Is Basiclly Tells The Story Of " Mark Zuckerberg " The Creator Of " FaceBook ":

" The Social Network " Is A Movie Based On Zuckerberg And the Founding Years of FaceBook It Was Released On October 1, 2010, And Stars Jesse Eisenberg As Zuckerberg. After Zuckerberg Was Told About The Film, He Responded, "I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive."
(from Wikipedia)

Anyway I'm Not Going To Review The Movie Cuz To Be Honest I Didn't Watched It.. ( Hope Someday I will..) But What Is This Post About.. " Jesse Eisenberg " The Actor In The Movie.. Meeting The Real Man Behind The Character He Played.. " Mark Zuckerberg.. In A Funny Way..!  Cuz They didn't Met Before This Moment.. Imagine.. :P

Here It Is:

Last Moments...!

Hello There ..
I Know I'm A Bad Blogger.. I Didn't Blog Anything Lately...
We Are All Done With January For This Year..
And It's A Whole New Month.. So A Whole New Start..!
Inshallah It Bring All The Goodness Along With It...

" Last Moments " Always Seems Appealing.. Seriously..!!
" Why Do We Always Enjoy Doing Things In The Last Minutes..?!! "
I Keep Wondering Why..?!

I Remember When First I Got That Idea.. I Was So Tired And Wanted To Get Some Sleep.. Yet My Mom Told Me.. She Needs Some Help Dying Her Hair.. So She Told Not To Sleep Only After We Are Done.. So I Said Ok.. And I Decided To Lay Down For A While.....
I Swear To You All.. I've Never Felt So Comfortable.. And So Warm As I Felt That moment.. It Was Really My Comfort Zone... I Did Really Enjoyed Every Second Of It..!!!
Can You Imagine That..? Most Comfort Warm Bed With Peaceful Mind..... And Suddenly They Woke You Up.. ;//
So Yeah I Helped My Mom.. And Went Back To Sleep.. But I Couldn't find That Spot Of Comfort Again..! But I Slept Anyway.

The Point Is... We Always Seem To Like Or Enjoy The Forbidden Last Moments Of Everything..!!
It's Like Thinking.. It's The Last Time Doing This.. Like When You Are On A Phone And You Talk About everything.. And Only When you Want To Hang Up New Subjects Arise..?!!

Or When We Wake Up In The Morning.. We always Try To Get 10 More minutes Of Sleep Even Though We Know We Won't Sleep At All...?! And A lot Of Examples Like That...

I Really Find It Kinda Strange, But We do It Anyway.. And Maybe It's Because We Realize How Precious Those Moments Can Be.. Before We lose Them For Good..

Maybe I Had No Point Going To While Writing This.. But It's A Thought That Crossed By In My mind.. And As Long As We All Gonna Lose Those Moments.. Doing Something We Enjoy During Them Won't Hurt At All.. ( I Guess..!! ;P )

P.s: ( Try Not To Lose Any Of Those Moments.. Make Them Useful Or Just Make Them Worth It..! )