Monday, February 21, 2011

Something To Remember.....

This Is Something To Remember.. How Can We Forget Such A Day.. A Day.. When Our Country Got Invaded.. A Day.. We Lost Our Rights To Be Kuwaitis.. A Day.. When Our Rights As Humans Were Taken..
It's " 2-8-1990 "... Yes We Will Never Forget what Happened.. The Wound Yet Didn't Heal.. Yes We Do Celebrate Every Year.. We Celebrate Kuwait's Liberation Day.. Along with Independence Day.. So We Will Never Forget.. Sadam Hussain Invasion..

But When I Wrote.. " Something To Remember " As A Title.. I Didn't Meant That.. I Meant.. We Need To Remember Why Are We Celebrating..!! Maybe 20 Years Helped Us To Forget What's Like To Live 7 Months In Fear.. My Family Was In Kuwait During The Whole Thing.. Maybe I Don't Remember I Was Just 2 Years Old , But I Heard A lot Of Stories..

Any Way That's Not The Point.. I Found A Video On Youtube.. About A Kuwaiti Family During The Iraqi Invasion.. What Touched My Heart Was The Second Part.. The Moments Of Liberation.. This Is What I Meant About Something to Rememeber..

You Can See Everyone Is Happy.. The Injustice Is Gone.. Everyone Can Go Out.. With No Fear.. It's Freedom Again.. A Happiness That Finally Their Life Will Be Back Again.. Just Remember This Feeling.. Cuz As I Can See.. Some Forgot That Feeling...

Thanks To " Tahani Alayob " Who Recorded This video.. And Thanks To Who Upload It....
Hope You Like It... :D

Ps: ( Yes We May Forgive.. But We will Never FORGET..! )

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