Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kuwait Carnival 27-2-2011 Part 1....

Hii All...

I Know It's Been A While since My Last Post..I Was Sick Couple Days Ago..
And I'm Good Now.. So I Said Why Not Uploading The Pictures I Took At Kuwait's Carnival.. Which Was On 27th Of Feb.. Scheduled For Kuwait's Celebrations.. So I Hope You Like The Pictures..

I Love how They Made Kuwait Highlighted ... ( Wa'97a 7ada E3jbatni alfekra )

Kuwait Airways

I Really Loved This One:

Their  Twitter & Facebook Accounts :D

Altarbeyaa :D

Wazarat Ale3lam.. Sawaw Loyaa :P  Ely athkerhom Kanaw Mowjoden: 3bdalr7man Al3agel, 6arq Al3ali, Khalid Amen, Khalid Albraichy, Bashar Alsha6ii, A7mad iraj, m7amad Al7mly ya3gob 3abdallah And Others I guess.. :D

Frsaaan Altawa7d

 6b3an Alnadi Al3lmii 7el kanaw fa9laa o bad3aaw blrag9 :P

 it's Nice They Posed for The Camera :P

Well.. That's It For Now.. There Are More Pictures.. I'll Try To Upload Them Soon..
Hope You Like It...

PS: ( I'm Not A Professional , so Easy On Me :P )

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL min9ijich! entay shiftay 9uwari allah ekhaleech!;p i loved ur pictures mashallah! o awal madri emsaweeen like a parade!!@@ shaklaa wanaaaasaaaaaa !! loved the first pic tooooo!!