Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Just Tweet Alot..!!

Hi All...

I Know.. I'm Such A Bad Blogger.. It's Been A Really Long Time Since My Last Post..
It's Just I Don't Want To Write Everything Or Anything.. Only What I Think Deserves To Be Written About...
But On The Other Side.. I Tweet Alot..!!!
So For Those Who Follow Me On Twitter.. Know How Much I Tweet.. I Started Something Called : #ThatsOnMyMind  Girl.. Which Is Basicly Writing About My Thoughts.. And Express My Own Feelings..
Other Than That I Interact with Other Tweeps.. Or Complaining About Things ( Who Doesn't..?!)

So Thanks For All Of My Followers To Put up With Me Tweeting Alot.. :D
And I Wrote Few Lines,, About Why I Chose To Write A LOT..!!

" I Write Cuz It's The Closet Thing To Ease My Pain..
I Write Cuz It's My Way To Tell Myself That I'll Be Ok..
I Write Cuz In Words I Gain My Sourse Of Strength That Lies within..
I Write cuz Words Never Let Me down..! "

So There U Go.. U Now Know why,,, :D

Ps: ( I'll Try To Post alot... Once I Have something To Write About.. Peace All :D )

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