Friday, September 9, 2011

The Word " Understanding '' ...

Hello There...

I'm Going To Write About " Understanding "... Not About Understanding Words, Numbers, Facts... Etc
But About Understanding Others And Their Circumstances... Sure We Are All Not The Same.. And What We Face Everyday Is Different... How We Handle It.. How We Face It..

Here Comes Your Part To Understand Others... Don't Start To Blame Them About Something They Do, Did, Or Didn't Do.. Smothing They Say, Said Or Didn't Say.. Be That Open Arms That Holds Them When They Need A Hug The Most.. Be That Friend That Holds On Them When No One Does.. Be That Solid Ground To Stand On When It Shakes Around Them..

Be There For Them.. So They Will Be There For You When It Gets Hard On You..

" When I'm Lost Along The Way..
And I Can't Face Another Day..
And If I Stumble On The Road..
And If I Can't Carry The Load..
And If I Lose My Faith And Kindness, And Generosity..
Would You Hold My Hand..
Say You UNDERSTAND My Pain..?! "

P.s : ( I'll Always Be There For You.. Just Understand Me In The Times When I Can't..! )


  1. Lovely post dear , understanding is an importenet element in our relationships , at least we have to understand when people we care about told us that they want to be alone , that is really important to me

  2. NewQ8 Bride: Yeah It's Very Important..
    We All Need That Moment To Be Left Alone..!

  3. Loved this ... Understanding can be a huge word for a lot of small minds !!

  4. Hadi: Exactly.. It's A Big Help We Need From Others :D