Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award..!!

Hello There..

I Was Tagged By My Friend " Izdiher " To Write 7 Things About Me.. Nice Tag.. It's Good For You To Know Me ( If You Want To I Guess :p  ).. So Enough Bla Bla Bla I Should Start The Bla Bla Bla Down Here..

1. I'm Very Optimistic And Positive: I Always Look At The Bright Side No Matter What.. Sure I Get Down Sometimes But I Get That Time To Re-think And Get Back Up Again.. As I Once Wrote "  So We May Have Different Reasons To Break-Down.. But We All Have One Guaranteed Step  After : "Is That We Will Rise Up Again...! ". Here

2. Babies: I So Love Kids.. Yeah Who Doesn't.. But Really I Can't Keep Myself Away From Them Whether Our Family kids Or Kids I See For The First Time ( Lazm At7arash Fehom :p).. I'm Not That Creepy Trust Me :P .. Inshallah One Day I Have My Own :$ ..

3. Within Every Thought: I Think A Lot.. And Write A Lot More.. I Sometimes Write #ThatsOnMyMind In My Tweets To Write Down My Thought And Share Them.. Maybe One Of My Thoughts Can Touch You.. Maybe Not.. But I'll Keep On Writing As Long As Thoughts Are In My Mind :D ..

4. Chocolate Is My Passion: I So Love Chocolate.. A Day Cannot Pass Without The Taste Of Sweetness.. Nothing's New So Far.. But The New Thing Is From Time To Time I Love A Type Of Chocolate ( Not That Loyal :p o aheb Haba Kaifi :p ) And The One Surviving So Far Is...... ( Druuuuuuums ):

5. I Still Believe In Love: Yes I Did.. Still Do.. And Always Will Believe In Love.. To Those Who Think That We Can't Have That Love We Watch In Movies.. Or Fairy Tales Or Even A Happy Ending..! I Still Believe We Can Have That.. Love, Understanding Respect And Appreciation Does Give Us All That Love We Need And Want..! I Believe In That.. Hope I Find It :D

6. I Hate Smoking: Not That I Tried It Or Something :P jk.. But I Really Hate Smoking.. And I Don't Wanna Say I Hate Smokers I Don't Hate People But I Hate The Habit They Do.. Specially In Public Places..! Smoke Away People And Alone..!!

7. I'm Doing Great In Choosing Friends: Al7mdallah ( Thank God ) I Never Fail When It Comes To Choose A Friend A Close One.. All My Friends So Far Didn't Fail Me.. And Mom Always Tell Me '' You Chose Well '' .. ( al7mdallah and wayed tmdaa7 9adeqatii :$ ) So Love You Guys 3asa Allah Layfargna :***

Well Those Are Some Facts About Me.. Hope Now You Know Me A Lot Better :D .. And Ofcourse There's More To Reveal :D ... But In Time..

Now I Tag Well A Lot Of Bloggers Let's Get To Know Eachother:

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Waiting To Get To Know You More Guys :***


  1. Amazing Post!! <3

  2. Amazing Post!! <3

  3. omarvlogable & 4rocknrollers : Thaaaaanks Alot :D

  4. Thinking lot is good :) thanks for the tag

  5. Kuwait'S Blog: Yup But Not All The Time..
    And You Are Welcome

  6. RED_SONJA_Q8 : Yup Waiting For Your 7 Things :P

  7. Your fact are interesting .More awards and tags are coming to your way .

  8. ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥: Awww Thanks Alot..
    Heheehee Will Be Ready For Them Inshallaaah :D