Friday, September 16, 2011

Blind By Choice..!


When I OverLook The Things You Do..  I'm Blind..
When I Forget The Things You Did..  I'm Blind..
When You Hurt Me And I Smile..  I'm Blind..
When I Laugh About What Makes Me Cry..  I'm Blind..
When I Move On Without Looking Back..  I'm Blind..

I'm Blind..  When I Live In The Moment Not In My Past..
I'm Blind..  When I Act Stronger To Not Be Called Weak..
I'm Blind..  When I Pretend I'm Whole Though I'm Shattered Into Pieces..
I'm Blind..  When I Say Whatever Just To Hide What I Really Feel..
I'm Blind..  When I Can't Confess That I'm Living A Lie..

You See.. I'm Blind By Choice..  A Choice To Live My Life In Peace..
Though It's Hard.. But I Wanna Keep Going.. I Won't Stop For Anything..
But Be Aware That One Day.. My Blindness Will Disappear.. And My Eyes Will Reveal..
Not Only The Truth That's Been Hidden.. But A Person Chose to Be Blind To Be With You..!

The End..
THoughts By Me..

P.s: ( I Wrote Those Words For Every Person Overlook The Little Things He/She Get From Other People That Hurts.. And The Reason To Overlook Is The Same Reason To Live In Peace With Those Who We Love Th Most.. Sure No One's Perfect That's Why We Overlook.. So Think Twice Before Hurting Anyone So Close To You.. Cuz That Anyone Could Decide To Open His Eyes And Can't Hold On To You Se He Let Go..! )


  1. a piece of art , you wrote the word others couldn't utter . Dear I am glad to follow your blog
    keep it up ^^

  2. BlackTulip: Awww Your Words Just Keep Me going :**
    So Glad I got To Know u :**