Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Turned 13..!!

Hello There..

Everytime I Use Google I See How Creative They Get With Their Logo.. That Has Different Shapes, Images To Celebrate About.. And When You Click On That Logo You Go Directly To The Related Information To The Logo.. Today I Noticed This....

So It's Google's 13 Birthday Today..!!!!!

'' Thirteen years ago,Larry Page And Sergey Brin registered the domain for Google.com, a site which they hoped would revolutionize the very way information is organized on the Web. It's fair to say they succeeded. And today, Google is a multi-billion dollar company based in Mountain View, Clif. is celebrating its 13th birthday '' . [Source]


  1. I am a big google fan :D
    It helps me a lot at work!
    Happy Bday Google !!

  2. Butterfly Chick: Yup A Very Huge Helper :D hehe